Fruit Farm

The North Perrott Fruit Farm was established in 1930. As well as the North Perrott Farm Shop & Garden Centre, cropping currently consists of dessert apples, culinary apples, cider apples, pears and a small area of plums. Other enterprises include a nursery producing container grown trees and production of our own Somerset Farm Pressed apple juice marketed as Parrett Brand Apple Juice. Land not currently growing fruit is being rotated with maize, and grass leys.

The farm is committed to co-operative marketing; Wye Fruit Ltd. handles the storage, grading, packing and marketing of all the desert and culinary fruit, except for the small percentage that is offered for sale through the North Perrott Farm Shop and local farmers markets. 

The farm grows over 30 varieties of eating apples, 10 varieties of pears and 4 of plums. Most are grown in small quantities for sale specifically through the North Perrott Farm Shop. Cox, Bramley and many other varieties are available for Pick Your Own from the end of July to the beginning of October (please phone or e-mail for availability.).

There is also a cider orchard from which apples are harvested under contract to Shepton Cider Mill who make cider in the old Showerings factory at Shepton Mallet.

In an effort to promote quality local produce and to continue our theme of tying to 'add value' to our produce, we are supporting local Farmers Markets by selling our apple juices year-round and fruit when in season.