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Village Shop

Following the retirement of Ron & Peggy Morgan, who ran the Haselbury Village Shop and Post Office so successfully for many years, we have created our own "Village Shop" department.   Ron and Peggy have been very helpful in helping us fine-tune the necessities to economically supply the requirements of families living and holidaying in our locality.  While many of our existing daily staples, such as bread, milk, eggs, butter, cheese and meat amply qualify as "Village Shop" items, we feel that it is important to maintain our image as a  "Local Farm Shop" stocking local produce.  We have therefore chosen to categorise new items that are not locally grown or produced, as "Village Shop" and display them together in a department that clearly distinguishes them.  These include household items, such as paper tissues, cleaning and cooking products as well as personal care items such as tooth brushes, toothpaste and shaving equipment.  This also includes food items that we now stock that are not locally produced, including tinned foods, (some) breakfast cereals, fruit squashes, dried fruit and herbs.  Although some crossover between departments is bound to occur, we hope that customers will soon familiarise themselves with where to find their requirements. 
Village Shop Shelves

In addition to Food and Household items, we also stock daily newspapers and magazines, Royal Mail postal stamps and are agents for Xpress dry cleaning and shoe repairs!