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Local Produce


Our own farm products include over 25 named varieties of apple and pear juices. All are made on the farm and only having to travel 1/2 mile from orchard to shop, represent the very best of what local produce should be. We also stock our own apples pears and plums (in season) from the end of July to the end of January and offer our customers the chance to pick their own fruit from the middle of July to the middle of October. The farm also has a tree nursery that provides all the trees stocked in the Garden Centre.


We have used our local knowledge and farming friends to compile a comprehensive range of meat, dairy, cereal, fruit and vegetable produce. Many of our products are Organic. Where possible we have sourced within a 25 mile range and many products are from just a few miles around North Perrott (Somerset and Dorset).

Where it is necessary to source from further afield, we have placed a high priority in reducing food miles and focused on efficient distribution. We are concerned that the few imported products that we stock are sourced within the principles of Fair Trade


We clearly display the names of our meat and poultry suppliers to give our customers choice and our products trace-ability. As well as our regular producers, we feature rare breeds and exotic meats when they are available. As many of the producers are personal friends, we are 100% satisfied with the standards of animal welfare as well as the flavour and quality of the meat.


Award winning Cheddar cheese and farmhouse butter comes from the next door village of Haselbury Plucknett. Organic Milk, yoghurt and cream come from farms in the Crewkerne area from cows grazing on lush local pastures. We also stock a range of other cheeses which are sourced as locally as possible throughout Somerset and Dorset.


When in season, home grown fruit will be available. At other times we use a number of local farms in Somerset & Dorset for regular supplies of fruit and vegetables (many organic) and only supplement supplies from further afield when necessary.

Include: Bread, jams, pickles, sauces, dressings, olives, flour, cereals, herbs, biscuits, crisps, confectionary, ice cream, where possible, all grown or processed in Somerset & Dorset.