SD80's, SD9043's and a C425
Shenandoah Jcn, WV, 7/13/07 and Relay, MD, 7/14/07

E819 went west out of Brunswick, MD thru Shenandoah Jcn, WV Friday evening, 7/13/07, with two CR painted SD80AC's trailing.  A few minutes later, U830-11 came east thru Shenandoah Jcn, WV with two UP SD9043MAC's.

On Saturday afternoon,7/14/07,  Q410 -12 came east thru Relay, MD with SD70ACe CSXT4836, SD70AC CSXT4518 (recently renumbered from CSXT718) and C425 WNYP550.


Westbound empty hopper train E819 from Brunswick, MD heads west thru Shenandoah Junction, WV with SD80AC's CSXT805 and CSXT807 trailing.  Wonder if they will get re-numbered to 4595 and 4597 after arrival in Cumberland, MD?


U830-11 heads east at Shenandoah Junction, WV with two UP SD9043AC's, UP8180 and UP8233, running elephant style with UP coal bound for Curtis Bay (Baltimore), MD.  The SD9043's were screaming up the grade to Hobbs.


  Q410-12 heads east over the Thomas Viaduct at Relay, MD on the afternoon of 7/14/07 with SD70ACe CSXT4836, SD70AC CSXT4518 and C425 WNYP550.


C425 WNYP550 is still painted for the Seminole Gulf and is destined for the Western New York and Pennsylvania.  History of this unit is  SGLR550 -  BCLR2501 - Shortline Locomotives 2501 -  MCER4258 - AM4258 - KYLE4258 -  BN4258 - SP&S320.  Note re-numbered and lightening bolt-less SD70AC CSXT4518, former CSXT718. 


Rear view of WNYP550.  The Western New York and Pennsylvania is an all Alco road.