Grandma's Strawberry Pie

This is my Grandma Masterson's recipe for Strawberry Pie as given to me by my Auntie Gladys (Masterson) Eby.

  1 Quart of Strawberries;
  3/4 cup white sugar, 
  1/4 cup water, 
  1 1/2 tablespoons corn starch. 
  1/4 teaspoon almond extract, 
  red food colouring(optional), 
  baked pie shell.
Crush 1 cup of berries and put in a pot. Combine sugar, water, corn starch with berries and food colouring if you wish.
Bring to a boil until thick and clear. 
Arrange the rest of the berries in cooked pie shell. Pour thickened berry mixture over and chill. Add whipped cream if you care to.
Easy and Yummy.