Welcome to the NMSGDR Swag Page!


Regular Cut t-shirts (size S-3XL) - All sizes are $20 each
Ladies' Cut t-shirts - All sizes are $22 each
Ladies' Tank Tops - All sizes are $22 each
Long Sleeve T-shirts - All sizes are $24 each
Zip-up Hoodies - All sizes are $28 each
Pull-Over Hoodies - All sizes are $40 each

Tote Bags - $30
Mugs - $7
Koozies - $3
Bandanas - tba

Flat Rate Shipping - $5
Orders over $100 ship for free (and feel free to donate up to the $100 for free shipping!)

Please see order form at the bottom of the page!

A La Carte Items
A la carte items are available for individual purchase (as many as you like!!!), 
or you can order a Dane Pack and add on a la carte items!  
(This is basically a list of everything we sell, available as individually purchase items)

Got Danes?
Available as a regular t-shirt, ladies' cut shirt, ladies' tank top and long sleeve t-shirt, either black shirt with white writing or a white shirt with black writing
Got Danes on the front, NSMGDR info on the back!
Natural Habitat
Available as a regular t-shirt only at this time, but options will expand so stay tuned!
Shirts come in white with the black logo on front left chest and design as pictured below

Scoobies for Boobies
Only available as a black regular cut t-shirt or black long sleeve t-shirt

Bigger is Better
Only available as a maroon regular cut t-shirt or maroon ladies' cut shirt
This image on the back, our logo on the front left chest
Perfect size for all your carrying needs!

 And of course, our logo
Appears as the front left chest logo on zip hoodies and Bigger is Better t-shirts

Guaranteed to make you look more important
 The NMSGDR Koozie
Keeps you and canned beverages cool
Only comes in maroon


Here's Maggie, modeling our zip-up hoodie!

Here's Amanda, modeling our Got Danes Tank!

Kelly and NMSGDR alum Loki modeling the Tote AND Scoobies for Boobies t-shirt AND a bandana!!

And here's Ryan and Romeo, modeling our Scoobies for Boobies T-shirt!

Dane Packs
Dane Packs are bundle packs of our most popular goodies at a flat, discounted rate!  
You will have the choice of shirt/sweatshirt design, based on options offered.

Dane Pack #1
Senior Dane Pack
One of each: Regular T-shirt, Long Sleeve T-shirt, Hoodie (zip or pullover), and Mug

Dane Pack #2
Dane Pack
One of each: Regular T-shirt, Hoodie (zip or pullover), and Mug

Dane Pack #3
Baby Dane Pack
One of each: Regular T-shirt, Mug and Koozie

Dane Pack #4
Dane-ty Dane Pack
One of each: Ladies' Cut T-shirt, Ladies' Tank Top and Koozie

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