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Sometimes, we at NMSGDR stumble upon sweet little dogs who, while not Great Danes, need new homes!  We like to think of them as Danes at Heart!  We try to open our doors to as many dogs as we can, and the below are the non-Danes currently available for adoption.  They are fully vetted and cared for as if they're Danes, and their adoption fee is only $150.  Think of them as Danes in small package :)


I am an approximately 6 mo kitten who accidentally hitched a ride from Tupelo, MS to Memphis, TN after the NMSGDR folks were doing an event…or at least that’s all they can figure, is that I ended up in the truck somehow, because no siblings could be found, just me.  I am a little more of an independent kitty and can deal with dogs or other cats just fine, but I often go off to myself and just chill by myself.  But aren't I cute?!?!


I am a 1 yo black male cat who just loves friendly dogs!  My best friend is a blind/deaf Great Dane named Gracie.  She licks my ears and checks on me all the time, and I have to reassure her that I’m ok, by rolling over on my back or pawing at her face and nuzzling her (she’s blind, ya know!).  I am a very outgoing boy and love everyone.  I came to NMSGDR, because I came up to my foster dad in a parking lot and had a crazy worm thing embedded in my neck.  I can’t remember what they called it, but it was creepy!  He rushed me to the vet, and I've been an inside kitty ever since.  Do you have any dogs that need nuzzling??  Because if so, I’m your cat!  

Buddy (Adoption Pending)

Hi everyone! I’m an approximately 2yo Beagle who loves life.  I have several names - Mr. Beagle, Beagle Boy and Buddy. I seem to like the name Buddy, so that is what my foster mom calls me. I was rescued by NMSGDR when I was found sitting outside at a gas station. In an entire month of posting flyers, no one came to claim me, and I don’t understand that because I am a very good boy. The best word to describe me is “happy!” I love everybody and will do my best to fit in wherever I am and whomever I’m with, whether large or small, 2 or 4-legged, even cats! For a beagle, I am pretty quiet. Well, that is, until I get the scent of a rabbit. Then I will howl with the best of them. I like to go for walks and play with my foster sisters, but then I am content to relax on my bed. Learning to sit has been a little hard for me, because I just LOVE attention, and I get excited if there are treats to be had. My foster mom says I am very smart, and I try my best to please.  I am mostly housetrained, but I am embarrassed to admit that I have had a couple of mishaps, but only a couple. It has taken me a while to get used to a new routine, but I haven’t had a problem with that lately.

If you would love to have a cuddle puppy, I am the boy for you. I will melt your heart when you see my big puppy dog eyes. 


Ice (Dalmation/Dogo mix)

 “Ice, Ice, Baby!!!...(dnt, dnt, dnt, dnt, dnt-dnt-dnt-dnt)”  My foster mom says that's my theme song, so I thought I'd start out with that!  (Pretty cool to have your own theme song, huh?!  Like Rocky, only I’m a lover and not a fighter!)  My name is Ice, and everyone says I'm just the sweetest boy with a special gift.  I'm just a puppy (maybe 10mos), and I love to play and will play with just anybody who is willing.  The cat's not so proud of that part though!  When I came to my foster home, there was this really big boy who was scared of other dogs and would get freaked out and snap at other dogs when they came near.  Well, I fixed that!  I worked my magic on him and took it slow and made him trust me.  Now that foster brother (check out Hank) and I play all the time, and not just me...he plays with everyone now and has not been afraid again.  My foster mom says I brought him out of his shell.  She says I just have a way about me.

I'm about 55lbs but get along with dogs of all sizes.  My foster mom says I'm just about the best foster to come here, because I don't potty in the house, not too bad on a leash, and only chew on toys or whatever's left for me on the floor.  I love to cuddle and will sleep all night right there in bed with you or will be just fine in the living room.

I've seen the pictures they're posting of me, and I will tell you that they just don't do me justice.  I promise if you meet me, I will steal your heart as you get lost in my big ol doe eyes (blink blink blink!).  





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