Hi! I'm Whiskey, and I'm just around the corner from my 2nd birthday! (Happy Birthday to me!!--I'll expect a cake!)  I am super playful and LOVE being outside and getting to run around. And when my foster mom gets the leashes out, I know we're about to go on a walk, so I jump up and down and spin in circles and bark and act like a crazy boy for a second.  However, I listen to my mommy very well, because she knows what's best for me. I even just learned what sit means!!! (And usually if I obey I get rewarded, and she talks all crazy to me in a crazy cartoon voice..Silly humans!!). I just love being a lap dog too, especially at night when mommy turns on cartoons (I know that's where she got that voice!),and we lay on the couch together and snuggle. I'll go ahead and tell you now, I am a championship snuggler!! I have a Great Dane friend named Zada, and we came in to rescue together, and she likes to snuggle with us too. When it's time for bed, our foster mom calls us to the bedroom, and we get in the bed with her. We love taking up the whole bed and all the covers, but if she tells us to lay in our dog bed, we like it too!, but secretly not as much. I will sleep all night and all day long if you let me. As long as you're in bed and willing to cuddle, so am I. I'm a really really good dog, but I do have a weakness. GARBAGE CANS!!! It's a disgrace, I know!  But I like to go through them...Hey, your trash, may be my treasure as they say.  HOWEVER, I'm learning that I'm not supposed to do that. I can't wait to find my permanent family. I sure do hope they have a furry friend to keep me company though, because I get sad without my friends to play with.