Hello Dane Fans, I am Shawn (or Shawnee as my foster dad calls me).  I am 6 years old.  
I came to NMSGDR as one of their really sad stories.  I had spent my entire life being absolutely terrorized by the intact female boxers I lived with.  To make matters even worse, the humans did not intervene for me at all.  I was so afraid of everything when I came to rescue.  I cowered and trembled in the corners.  I walked with my head down looking from side to side trying to find the next boxer ambush (not that I'm saying all Boxers are bad, but these females were down right mean to me). I was underweight and afraid of having someone steal my food.  NMSGDR made me a promise to turn my life around.....and they delivered!!!
Now I know what the good life means.  I have a great foster dad who says I remind him of a pony.  I jump or hop up and down on my front feet like a pony when I am excited, and he says I sometimes make "horsey" snorting sounds when I am playing. (What the heck is a horsey sound anyway?)  I say we all celebrate in our own way!  I even join in the commotion when the other two dogs here bark when someone comes in or walks by the house.  I don't really bark but will kind of grumble to put my two cents in and let dad know something's up.  Supposedly that's a big deal for me considering my background. 
If you are looking for a laid-back buddy, we might just be a match.  I am careful going up and down stairs unless I get really excited and forget how old I am! I love to be with people.  I will snuggle on the bed with you and watch tv.  I really enjoy comfy beds!  I am fine with other dogs and cats....just no bossy ones please.  I don't need those nightmares to come back.  I am simply looking for love and affection, and I have plenty of both to give in return.  Life may have started rough for me, but it just means I know how to appreciate things now.

Shawn's intake pictures