Hello, I'm Ollie, or "Ollie! Oxen free!!" as my foster parents say!  I'm not really sure what it means, but if it's coming from nice people, I like to hear it!  I'm about 18 months old and sweet as honey :)  I came from a pretty crazy situation where I had an awful lot of dogs around me and pretty much none of you humans.  I've taken awhile to warm up to you tall folks, but I gotta say you're winning me over!!!  Once I come out of my shell with you, I am the most affectionate boy you'll meet, especially if you're a lady :)  My mommy says I loooove the ladies (she's right, I do!).  

I am a shy boy, and I think I need another dog companion to help remind me that I'm safe and sound now.  Oh, and if you have cats, I like them too!  They're small and fluffy and soft and sweet, and I sure do love to be sounded by sweet, gentle things!  Oh, that reminds me, One of my favorite things to do is carry around stuffed animals (see my picture?).  That makes me so happy!  I also like to chew on bones, so please share one with me!  I enjoy going on leash walks with you, and I'm a fully potty trained boy.  

I am told that I am a shadow Dane - I'm black, sleek and I love to follow you around!  I also like to snuggle in bed with you, so pretty please scoot over for me!  All in all, while I'm a very shy boy, I am just filled with gentle love!  I could really use a family (with a sweet dog companion) with patience and understanding of my quiet, shy nature.  I am a sweet and wonderful boy, so I promise I'll be worth it!