Hi! I'm Clyde, my foster mom calls me "Big Boy," but I don’t know what she is talking about! – I fit in her lap just fine!
I just want to everyone know that I am a self-proclaimed big goof! But I am a lovable goof. I love to be by someone’s side most of the day, whether you're walking around or sitting down on the couch. Oh how I love to cuddle on the couch! It’s so soft, and it makes me fall asleep every time (apparently I snore loudly though). I will paw you a little and just start to climb into your lap even if I don’t have enough room to get up there with you. I do not have much training. I am slowly learning this thing called "sit." Also, when I lift my paw to let my foster parent know I am there, they say "shake," but I am not sure what that means.

I also haven’t figured out how to tell them when I have to go potty, although I get to go out a lot so its rarely a problem. For some reason though I don’t feel the need to go when I am in my crate, so my foster mom says if I’m adopted by 8-to-5'ers, they might want to set me up a crate apartment. I am interested in my foster kitties. I can sniff at the black one, but the orange fuzzy one spits and hisses at me. I don’t know what his problem is. He is slowly coming around though since I am showing him I won’t bother him. My other foster brother is a dog, and he is a midget compared to me – but I like him just fine. He likes to run fast around the yard and lets me chase him. I also have had the some big friends come over to play. They smelled a little funny at first, but before I knew it we were all over the yard and barking at things in the tree!

All that said, I can pretty much get along with anyone, and I warm up to them very quickly. I was found running around with my sister Bonnie (you should check out her page too!). We were running for a little while and were thick as thieves...get it?...Bonnie and Clyde?!  (Ok, we tried.)  Anyway, we are pretty close (being on the lamb with someone will do that!), but if we must part, I would still love a doggie companion where ever I end up!  I am not a big fan things swinging at me. My foster mom wanted to play fetch one day, and that stick scared me to death.  I hunched and ran away! I did the same thing when she swung her leg over the baby gate. I am not sure why, but that stuff is a bit scary. I like to bow down, do a little dance and then jump away while barking when I don’t want to go into house or the crate. I don’t think my foster parents like that game sometimes, but it gives me more play time.

I do need to warn you, I am a mouther and a nibbler. I can’t help that your arm can fit in my mouth. When I get excited or really into playing that’s when I want to nibble any part of you or my playmates that’s close. I think its fun! And I’m just trying to love you and play, so don’t worry, I don’t get rough with it.  On occasion I do enjoy to chew on anything in my way, be it the blue squeaky pig toy or my foster mom’s sandal or cell phone (the last two were not such a good idea, I got in trouble big time.... oops!).  Lesson learned!!

So all in all I think I am a pretty good (and handsome) fellow! I got my little issues, but who doesn't! I’m definitely willing to work through them with the right family. So if you’re interested in a big goofy boy who likes to play and romp AND CUDDLE....put in your application now!  They say I’m a shoe in for a fast adoption, because I’m sooooo cute!