Black Bella

NMSGDR has a wonderful surprise for the shorter days and cooler weather of fall.  It is I, Bella Black, and my foster Dad considers me an angel.  I havea shiny black coat along with a small, white spot on my chest and those cute white toes you humans love on black Danes.

I am a 3 year old female that could have a horrid experience if I had not been rescued from one of Memphis' very high kill shelters.  You see, I was heartworm positive, giving me a death sentence in a shelter.  However, a loving couple pulled me from the shelter and brought me to NMSGDR, where I received treatment for those nasty heartworms and am good as new.

I am most definitely a people dog.  I love to play in the back yard with my Dad while the other dogs play with each other.  I am really proud of my ability to get my human for myself.  I really think I would be an excellent candidate for an only dog since I just love my people so much. My foster Dad says I never have an issue with any person. If you were at the Olive Branch event last month and were anywhere near NMSGDR's booth, you met me!, because I am certainly a social butterfly and enjoyed going right up to passersby and requesting love.  I think that's perfectly acceptable when you're this cute!  I do prefer people, but I really  enjoyed playing with the new NMSGDR puppy Macey several times...awww puppies are cute. My foster dad says there seems to be no issues for me, that I mind my manners and am excellent on a leash and everything. My favorite toys are plush ones, and I love to bring one up and sit on the couch with you or at least keep you in sight while I play.  I also love to sleep with you if you like that.  With the nights getting colder, I could help keep you warm.

Oops, I did omit a tiny issue about myaelf...I am a little afraid of thunderstorms.  I try to be classy and not throw a fit about it though, so I'll just slink up and snuggle close to you, or curl around your feet or slip up silently to get closer.  Let's admit, those storms can be scary!

NMSGDR says I'm  such a loveable dog, and shouldn't still be waiting for my furever home.  Why not check into bringing this happy, loving girl into your life?  You know what they say, that you don't pick your Dane, but that your Dane picks you. I am ready to leave rehab and find my family, and would love to have folks want to meet me.  I'm truly one dog you really have to meet to completely appreciate.