My name is Ruby.  I'm 3 years old and was picked up by the dog catcher in a pretty bad part of town (whew, thanks, I was scared!).  I'd been on the streets for a while and came to the shelter extremely emaciated (only 72lbs!) and a high heartworm positive.  NMSGDR came and got me and are fattening me up nicely, and I hope go through heartworm treatment in a month or so.  My foster mom says I am quite a lady and have the best house manners, and that someone at some point spent time with me.  Haha I have her fooled, because I taught MYSELF how to Sit, Shake (both hands), Down, Roll Over, and I haven't shown her all my tricks yet.  I love to play in the yard with my doggie friends, but I'd rather lie on the sofa and have my head rubbed, because I just can't get enough of this loving thing.  And I love to give little small kisses on your chin or cheek...not the big slobbery ones, because that's gross, and like she says, I'm a lady!  I would love to be someone's lap dog.

Ruby when NMSGDR picked her up

Ruby after fattening up a bit at the NMSGDR.  Showin' off her beautiful legs!!!

And Ruby with her fellow Rehab-ian, Cupcake!