My name is Miss Liberty, but my friends call me Libby.  I’m 4 years old and haven’t felt this good in a long time.  I lucked out and wandered into the right yard, because that woman fed me and called the right folks.  These NMSGDR people had awful looks on their faces when they picked me up, and 2 of them even started crying, so I must’ve been an awful sight…I know I felt like death and thought about giving up, so they got there just in time.  But here I sit, all fattened up!  Most women would be ashamed at 56lbs weight gain, but I am super proud!  I went from 69 to 115 in a month, and now have gained another 10lbs to be a wonderful 125, and my foster mommy says that’s just right for me and my frame.

  I’m so happy to not be a bag of bones anymore.  I didn’t used to be…somebody, somewhere once spent some time with me.  NMSGDR thinks I was bred and then dropped off…they used clues from puppy ads and my physical condition and the vet exam, but I’m not worried about that and have blocked it out and don’t really wanna talk about it!  I’m happy as can be now, and that’s all that matters.  I’ve completely overcome my emaciation and my sicknesses, and my only issue is being rotten heehee.  My foster mommy says I have a tendency to be a counter surfer, but I think she is secretly leaving me prizes!  I’m housebroken, know how to Sit and Down, take cookies from my humans very gently with manners, like long walks on the beach, scuba….oh wait, I got off track!  Anyway, I am a very sassy girl who loves cats and dogs, and well, let’s face it, I love everybody and everything!  I just couldn’t be happier to be here!  Look at this face!  How can you resist?!?!