Tank is an owner surrender who turned 1yo in June,
and from the paperwork provided us, has already had 3 homes (NOT including the breeder) in his short 16mos.  He has been bounced around entirely too much, and we intend to change that.  First step, neuter!  Tank believes himself to be QUITE the ladies' man, making it difficult for him to control himself and look ladies "in the eye" (we know 2-leggeds like that!).  Second step, leash training and basic obedience.  

This baby doesn't seem to have an ounce of aggression, and simply needs guidance.  He came to us from a home with other male and female dogs and a cat, and so far does well with everyone.  He also came from a home (the last one, that is, as we know nothing about his others) where he was doted on and loved, and he comes to us due to a situation beyond that family's control.  We thank them for making sure this baby got on the road to stability.  This is a tall boy with "legs up to there" and a precious personality to match.  Welcome Tank!