Hi, I’m Lady, and I’m an absolute sweetheart of a Dane!  I came to NMSGDR from a scary shelter, but I was so loving and trusting of my foster family right away!  A girl can tell when she’s safe, ya know?  I am tentative at first when I meet new people, but after a minute or two, I remember that love you!  I’ve even met some of the little two-legged kids, though they’re so small that I prefer to just ignore them.

I have to say that for a 3 year old, I have a lot of energy. Please don’t take that to mean that I’m rambunctious, destructive or enjoy jumping, because I’m a perfect beacon of my namesake – I’m a real lady!  I’m just energetic in the sense that I love playing in the back yard with you and with my fur foster family!  I have my own Dane version of fetch, where I’ll chase down that object you throw and then not bring it back.  I think it’s more fun that way!

Though I’m confident and energetic, I also have a mellow side.  When my foster mom is sitting on the couch, I like to plop my head down right on her lap and give her ‘the look’ – you know, look up at her with my big, deep, brown eyes.  That seems to almost always get me some lovin’!  Sometimes, though, my foster mom tries to resist ‘the look’, so I just rams my head under her arm or hand and force that petting!  I have to admit, though, my foster mom has these amazing green,

petting machines – I think they call them “palm plants”.   If have discovered that if I walk back and forth under the leaves, they PET me!  Sometimes I’ll even just stand there moving my head through the leaves, and they STILL pet me! But when my foster mommy and those “plants” don’t pet me enough, I just go ahead and lay down and pet my own head with my front paws!

I am proud to say that I have never shown any signs of aggression.  I am good at sharing space and bones with the other dogs, and I don’t show any food aggression at all.  But don’t tell people ringing the doorbell that, because I use my big, ferocious bark when someone shows up at our house just to make sure the visitor’s intentions are pure!  I won’t rush door – I just hang back and watch what happens! 


Oh, and I am told that I’m very smart!  I’ve learned to sit at the back door with my fur foster family after coming in from outside until my humans release us to come in.  I also sit until released to eat, though I’m embarrassed to admit that you can always tell where I’ve been waiting by the giant puddle of drool on the floor. *blushing* I really only drool when I’m waiting for food!   Oh, and I know “shake” and “sit”, and I’m still a little confused about “lay down”.  I am completely house trained, though!  Oh, and great on a leash!  I’m cool as a cucumber – no pulling, jumping or biting at the leash.

In conclusion, I promise you I’m a sweetheart.  I love other dogs, but I absolutely adore my humans.  I’m smart, happy, loving, and well trained, and I’m ready to find my forever family!  I’m finishing up my heartworm treatment, but please please apply to be my family so I can live happily ever after with you!