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Gloria in Excelsis Deo -
Mrs. Marti Ackland

"If freedom of speech is taken away then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter."  - George Washington

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North Metro past and present students in the spotlight!  Congratulations to...

Abby P who won first place at the post level in the Voice of Democracy competition (for grades 9-12). Her speech topic was on Why My Vote Matters.   Ben P.  won the post level for Patriot's Pen (for grades 6th-8th).  His essay was on Why I Honor the American Flag. Both found out on Wednesday, Nov. 21, 2018. a great notice to be thankful for on Thanksgiving.  

recent past and present (and one future!) students advancing to the 2018 NCFCA Region 5 tournament in May
Sam M (Apologetics) (advanced to Nationals), Marielle C and Grace W. (Biblical Presentation), Lucianne C (Bio Narrative),
Emily/Abigail P and Lucianne/Marielle C (Duo Interpretation), Ben P (Illustrated Oratory) (advanced to Nationals),
Sam M (Impromptu) (advanced to Nationals), Marielle C, John M and Sam M (Open Interp),
Emily P (Original Oratory) (advanced to Nationals),
and Sam M (5th place) and Marielle C (7th place) (Individual Events Sweepstakes).

Emily P. earned 2nd place at the
American Legion Oratorical National Competition
in Indiana on April 15, 2018!  This is a huge honor! Her scholarship money will be very helpful with college expenses  Way to go, Emily!  

Emily P, who has earned 1st place in Minnesota with the American Legion Oratorical competition.  She placed first on March 3, 2018
and will move on to the national competition in April.  

Emily P, who competed at the Regional (National) Level Optimist Oratorical in St. Louis.  She did a fabulous job!
(It was fun watching her by live stream.)

NCFCA 2017 Nationals -  Thomas S - 1st place - Informative
 Matthias L - 2nd place - Biographical Narrative, Matthias L - 4th place - Biblical Presentation, Thomas S & Matthias L - Semi-finals - Duo
Sam M - Impromptu - Semi-finals, Sienna C - Biographical Narrative - Semi-finals
Matthias L - Open Interp - Quarter-finals

...students placing at Regionals and moving on to Nationals in June 2017: 
Biblical Presentation -
Sam M
(6th place), Biographical Narrative - Sienna C. (6th place) and Sally H (8th place), Duo Interpretation - Thomas S. (and Matthias L.) - (2nd place and qualifying for Nationals) and Andrew and Luke M - (4th place and qualifying for Nationals),  Extemporaneous - Joshua H (2nd place and qualifying for Nationals), Impromptu - Sienna S.  (3rd place and qualifying for Nationals) and Sam M. (7th place and qualifying for Nationals), Informative Speaking - Thomas S (1st place and qualifying for Nationals), Christine C. (Semi-finals), and Sam M. (Semi-finals), Open Interpretation - Thomas S (Semi-finals), Sweepstakes - Thomas S (6th place) and Sienna C (8th place). 

...the following students who qualified at state tournaments for NCFCA Regionals in April 2017:
-  Gabriella W., Josiah S., & Thomas S.
Biblical Presentation - Marielle C. & Sam M.        * Biographical Narrative - Sally H. & Sienna C. 
Duo Interp - Lucy and Marielle C., Joe and Julie L., Andrew and Luke M., Thomas S (& Matthias L.)
* Extemporaneous - Joshua H           * Illustrated Oratory - Emily S., Giselle J., Lucy C. and Sienna C.
* Impromptu - Gabriella W., Josiah S., Sam M., Sienna C., and Thomas S.
* Informative Speaking
- Christine C., Emily P., Joshua H., Sam M., Sienna C., and Thomas S.
Open Interpretation - Emily S., Giselle J.,  John M., Marielle C., Sally H., and Thomas S.    * Persuasive - Josiah S.

Emily P. again who also competed with the Optimist Oratorical speech competition.  She got first place at the Club level and moved on to  the Zone level on April 1st.  Congrats again to Emily taking first place at the District level on April 28th.  She will compete next in St. Louis (Regional/World level) in June.

... Emily P., who competed in the American Legion Oratorical Dec. 11 in Lino Lakes.  She did a wonderful job by honoring God and our veterans.  She earned 1st place and will move on to the next level in January.  UPDATE:  Emily again took first place at the district level and will move on to compete in March at the state level.  FURTHER UPDATE:  Emily took 2nd place overall at the state levelThat is fantastic for her first year of competition!  Congrats to her a very fine job!  

...Andrew Mathews, who won the MN Senate Seat from District 15!  We congratulate Senator Mathews
and pray for wisdom as he serves the people of Minnesota!  

...Veronica F. who represented Minnesota the first week of July, '16, at the National Right to Life Conference in Washington, D.C.  Not only was she a conferee, but she earned 4th place in the oratory competition! Great job, Veronica!

...students qualifying at the 2016 NCFCA Nationals!  Natasha C., Sienna C., Veronica F.,  Sam M.,  Philip P., Sarah R., Thomas S., and Isaac W. 
Abi C (past MN student) qualified for NITOC (Stoa Nationals) in Springfield.  Abi got 2nd place with her Original Oratory speech! 
UPDATE - June 25 -
Isaac W. earned the 7th place trophy in impromptu, and Isaac and Veronica earned the 16th place trophy in Team Policy Debate.

The following present and past speech students have qualified for Regionals, April 24-27, 2016 in Topeka, KS - Apologetics - Veronica F.,  Sally H.,  Andrew M., & Gabriella W.  Biblical Presentation - Sam M., John M., Sarah R., Thomas S., & Gabriella W.   Biographical Narrative - Veronica F., Philip P., & Sarah R.   Duo Interp - Thomas S (w/Matthias L.) & Andrew and Luke M.   Illustrated Oratory - Sarah R.   Impromptu - Natasha C., Sienna C., Sam M., Sarah R., Josiah S., Thomas S., Gabriella W., & Isaac W.    Informative - Christine C., Marielle C., Natasha C., & Ariel P.   Open Interp - Christine C., Marielle C., Natasha C., Sienna C., Giselle J., & Thomas S.    Original Interp - Gabriella W. & Luke W.    Persuasive - Natasha C., Sienna C.,  Sarah R., & Joshua H.   (18 also qualified in debate.) 

Isaac W  - First place winner at the Minnesota state level of the American Legion Oratorical Contest.  He will go on to compete in Indiana at the national level in April, 2016. 

Also in October (2015), Beth M. competed for a spot on this year’s Beef Ambassador Team.  She had to write a response to a current issue affecting beef producers, do a mock media interview, and a consumer promotion event where staged consumers asked her questions.  She won the top spot so she is now the Team Leader for the MN Beef Ambassador Team!  She will be attending events such as Farm Fest, the State Fair and county fair educating consumers about beef nutrition, food safety, and beef production.  She will be awarded a $500 scholarship at the completion of the year.

Katie M.  completed her year with the Minnesota Youth Beef Experience Program at the MN Beef Expo on October 15 – 18, 2015.   She was asked to be part of a panel discussion helping those who apply to the program to strengthen their applications.  She did an excellent job speaking that evening and she enjoyed it!  She was also asked to be interviewed by Agri News and she was thrilled with that opportunity!  The eight participants in the program competed for an Achievement Award.  They were judged on quarterly written progress reports they turned in over the course of the year, a final written report, a scrapbook of their year, oral interviews with three judges, and showmanship with their heifer.  The winner was announced at the big culminating event on Saturday evening and Katie was the winner!  She was awarded a $750 scholarship, a beautiful handmade belt buckle, and an embroidered backpack.  It is a huge honor!

Elizabeth H. spoke at a Creation Science Seminar on October 17, 2015!  Her topic was the reliability and authority of Scripture, particularly in the area of the seven days of creation in the Genesis account. 

... Caroline D. for being in the top 9 speakers at the National American Legion Oratorical Contest in Indiana in April, 2015.  Caroline was the first place speaker in Minnesota.

...those competing in Iowa January 29-31 - Mercy G./Patience G.   7th in Duo.  Patience G. - 3rd  in Apologetics, 7th in Duo, 2nd in Extemporaneous, 1st in Impromptu, 1st in Persuasive, and 1st om Sweepstakes.  Adam J. – 3rd  in Impromptu, Semi-finals in Informative.  Theresa L. – 1st in Extemporaneous, 4th in Illustrated Oratory.    Elizabeth M. – 5th in Apologetics, 3rd in Extemporaneous, Semi-finals in Impromptu and Informative, Sweepstakes.   Sam M. – 8th in HI, Semi-finals in impromptu.  Sarah R. – 4th in Informative.  Thomas S. – 7th in Impromptu, 4th in Open Interp.  Isaac W.  – 5th in HI, 2nd in Informative, 2nd in Persuasive, 3rd in Sweepstakes.   There were also several who qualified in debate. 

... Isaac W. and Adam J. for taking 1st place at two different district level  American Legion Oratorical Contests.  Isaac competed on January 17, 2015,  and Adam in December, 2014. 

...the many past and present students competing at the Minnesota  NCFCA Qualifying Tournament January 8-10, 2015.  Those qualifying for Regionals include -  Natasha C. - Semi-finals Impromptu (7th TP debate).  Elizabeth D. - 1st Impromptu, 1st Open, and 1st in Individual Events Sweepstakes and 3rd in DuoWesley D. - 1st in HI, 3rd in Duo. Veronica F. - 3rd Persuasive (5th LD).   Patience G - 1st Extemporaneous, 2nd in Persuasive, 4th Apologetics (2nd in Team Policy debate). Adam J. - 8th Impromptu (3rd TP speaker points, and 3rd TP). Teresa L. - 2nd Extemp and 2nd Illustrated Oratory. Elizabeth M. - 3rd Extemp and Semi-finals Impromptu.   Sam M. - 3rd HI, (4th LD speaker points, and 4th LD).   Thomas S. - 6th Open Interp. (6th TP speaker points, 7th TP debate).      Isaac W. - 1st Persuasive, 5th Impromptu, 5th Informative, 6th in Individual Events Sweepstakes (2nd in TP Debate).  (Dustin P. - 7th LD Debate).  (Ben M. - 3rd TP Debate) (Ariel P & Sally H. - 6th in Team Policy Debate).  Other past and present students competing well were Sienna C., Mercy G., Joshua H., Sam H., Sam J., Drew M., Luke, M., Sarah R., Aryn S., Elise S., Josiah S., Ethan W., Gabriella W., Luke W., and Grace W. 

Elizabeth H. spoke at the Women's Ministry Fall Kick-off for Bethlehem Baptist Church on Friday, September 12th, 2014.   It was an evening of testimony, prayer, and hearing from three speakers, of which Elizabeth was one.  She has heard she's the first young lady her age to be asked to speak at this annual event.   The theme is "Trusting God When..." Elizabeth's talk is titled "Trusting God when asked, 'What are you doing next year?'" It entailed how she has had to trust the Lord in being different, and choosing not to attend college."

...Sally R. who competed early August, 2014, in the American Quarter Horse Youth World Show in Oklahoma.  She did a wonderful job!  This was her first time competing in impromptu and she placed 3rd!  She also took 3rd in her platform speech, and....... ta da .... 1st with her demonstration! 
Way to go, Sally! 

...students competing at the NCFCA National Tournament June 9-13, 2014, in Purcellville, VA.  Those placing include -
Noah S. - Impromptu (6th place), Apologetics (quarter-finalist), Individual Events Sweepstakes (26th place), and Duo Interp (12th place). 
Thomas S. - Duo Interp (12th place) and Humorous Interp (8th place).  Elizabeth D. and Megan L. - Duo Interp (10th place).  Elizabeth D - Impromptu (Quarter-finalist).  Sam W. - Open Interp (Quarter-finalist).  
Also competing were Abi C., Veronica F., Patience G., Adam J., Elizabeth M., & Isaac W.                                                
...around 17 North Metro students (w/approx. 30+ speeches) who competed at the regional tournament May 6-9.  Going on to compete at the national level in June are Abi C., Elizabeth D., Veronica F., Patience G., Adam J., Megan L., Elizabeth M., Noah S., Thomas S.,  Sam W., and Isaac W.  
Other North Metro students competing (some in debate) include Ben M., Ethan W., Ian E.,Wesley D., & Joe L. 

...Veronica F, Amanda M, Sally R and Julianne Q for their speaking accomplishments featured April/May 2014 MACHE newsletter. 

...Caroline D. who earned first place at the MN State American Legion Oratorical Contest Feb. 21, 2014.  She will be competing at the national tournament in April!  The best to you, Caroline!  Unfortunately for Abi C., weather conditions prevented her from attending.  The top three placements went to homeschoolers.  That speaks well for home education. 

...Abi C. who also earned first place at another American Legion Oratorical Contest on January 11 of 2014.  She will be competing against Caroline in February. 

   The tongue of the wise useth knowledge aright:  but the mouth of fools poureth out foolishness.  
Proverbs 15:2

“My brethren, let me say, be like Christ at all times.  Imitate Him in “public”.  Most of us live in some sort of public capacity - many of us are called to work before our fellow men every day.  We are watched; our words are caught; our lives are examined - taken to pieces.  The eagle-eyed, argus-eyed world observes everything we do, and sharp critics are upon us.  Let us live the life of Christ in public.  Let us take care that we exhibit our master, and not ourselves so that we can say, it is no longer I that lives, but Christ that lives in me.” 
C.H. Spurgeon

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