Welcome to North Leeds MTB

This is the home of North Leeds MTB - we're a bunch of mountain bikers north of Leeds.  And west. And east. We even sometimes go south of Leeds.
Have a look at some routes on the left hand sidebar to see where we go.

Come and ride with us - we still (as of March 2012) ride Tuesday and Thursday nights, starting at 7.30pm (unless otherwise advertised), usually at or near a pub, usually back to the pub by 10.

All rides are ridden at a 'social pace' and all riders are welcome. Some rides are more social than others, but nobody ever gets left behind - we wait at the top of every hill, and sometimes at the bottom too.

Start locations are discussed and advertised on BikeMagic/ forums/ rides/ North Leeds
We also have a Facebook page where rides and stuff are sometimes posted

Everyone is welcome to post and lead a ride. In fact we urge you to share your local trails. There is no hierarchy.

NB Midweek rides are often arranged at very short notice

Oh, yes, and we sometimes ride at the weekends too, but that tends to be a bit further afield, frequently at even shorter notice than the midweek rides...

Warning: Mountain biking is a potentially hazardous activity - accidents can and do happen; always ride within your limits. We cannot accept liability for any injury or damage, however caused, when riding with us.

We're not a club - that means no membership, no fees, and no rules. Apart from one - please wear a helmet when riding