Race Results

2015 Race Results click here

2011 Race results click here.

Notice to racers and parents, all information contained in race results are not web searchable, you must navigate to this page first then click the appropriate links to see race results. NJRS makes every effort to keep names, pictures, and race results hidden from public web search engines, this means the information and pictures are only semi-private.  Therefore, anyone with internet access can look as long as they first navigate to the NJRS website so ultimately the information is public, just not web-searchable.

Race results are posted as quickly as possible, but on occasion it may take longer than a few hours and at times of technical difficulty it can take DAYS.  This problem is primarily due to the timing set-ups at each race location, the timing systems are different and do not always have universal file formats.  Other times the files may be corrupted and we need to wait until the times are re-sent to NJRS so they may be posted.

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