Ski Waxing Videos

NJRS recommends that you buy your ski wax, tuning tools, and brushes from our local ski shops and not online.  The local shops support your race programs and help keep NJRS going.  Please buy everything you can from them today so they are here tomorrow when you need them.  NJRS found these videos to be good quality and have good information to help get you started tuning your racers skis.  Consult your coach or local ski shop if you are not sure what to do.

Explanation of different types of ski waxes and what to do with them.

Kinds of Ski Waxes

Recreational Ski Waxing. It shows how to clean your skis and wax them.

Recreational Ski Waxing

Advanced Ski Waxing, racers and parents need to know this stuff.  This is the one you should watch if you're skipping the other videos.

Race Ski Waxing

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