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"How-To" Videos

These videos are intended to give you an idea of what to do and how to tune skis.  Your local ski shop usually runs a ski tuning clinic each fall before the season starts.  I suggest if you need to brush up or have no idea how to tune skis you attend one of the clinics.  We'll normally let you know when these happen, also ask your coach they usually know as well.

Please support the local ski shops who support our skiing program at NJRS.  They need your support to ensure they are there when you need them most.  Plus they don't charge shipping because they have a good supply of tuning tools and waxes.

If you want to read and print for later there is some written information along with waxing charts, find it by clicking the Race Ski Tuning & Race Waxing Information on the side bar on the left side in the navigation bar.

For ski waxing videos click here.

For more videos that are a little more in depth after you have watched the others above click here.

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