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Northland Breastfeeding Coalition is hosting a breastfeeding friendly children's book challenge for World Breastfeeding Week 2013. Here's our list so far. Please share with us any books you have found. 

Children’s Books with breastfeeding images or stories (alphabetical by author)


When You Were Inside Mommy
By Joanna Cole
Illustrated by Maxie Chambliss

This 28 page book is colorfully illustrated in watercolor. It details how a baby starts as an egg (the text says, “In the beginning you were just one tiny cell. Half of the cell came from your mommy, and the other half came from your daddy”, and how grows into a baby inside a mother’s womb, during pregnancy, and is born.


How You Were Born

By Joanna Cole

Photographs by Margaret Miller

Morrow Junior Books, 1993

A clear and helpful book about conception, fetal development and birth is illustrated with color photographs of parents and children from many racial backgrounds. The 1984 edition with same text and black and white photos by Hella Hammid and others is also still available in paperback and has a lovely breastfeeding illustration. (ages 3 - 11)


Will There Be a Lap for Me?

By Dorothy Corey

Illustrated by Nancy Poydar

Albert Whitman & Company, 1992

Preschooler Kyle, from a middle class African-American family, misses his special place on his mother's lap as her pregnancy advances and the new baby arrives. A full page illustration shows Mother nursing the new baby with Kyle beside her on the sofa. Kyle is sad that the baby needs to eat so often, but Mother makes room on her lap and special time in her day for him again. (ages 3 - 8)


We Have a Baby

By Cathryn Falwell

Clarion Books, 1993

This is a picture book for the very young child with a new sibling. Just 32 pages long, with only a few words on each page, the book shows a loving family with both parents actively involved in the care of the toddler and the new baby. The mother is shown nursing the baby, her arm around the toddler who is nestled against her and eating milk and a cookie. (ages 1 - 3)


The Best Gifts

By Marsha Forchuk Skrypuch

Illustrated by Halina Below

Fitzhenry & Whiteside, 1998

Growing up from infancy to adulthood, Sara receives the most important gifts from her parents (including breastfeeding, time, love and caring) and passes them on to her own baby son. (ages 4 – 8)


Mama, Daddy, Baby and Me

By Lisa Gewing

Illustrated by Donna Larimer

Spirit Press, 1989.

The very simple, rhymed text and appealing illustrations show a family welcoming a new baby, told from the toddler sibling's point of view. One picture of the mother and baby nursing. (ages 2 - 4)


Happy Birth Day!

By Robie H. Harris

Illustrated by Michael Emberley

Candlewick Press, 1996

A mother tells her child about her hospital birth and first day of life. Large, beautiful illustrations capture the essence of a newborn baby breastfeeding and falling asleep cuddled up with both parents. (ages 3 - 8)


Baby’s My New Baby

By Annie Kubler

Child's Play (International) Ltd., 2000

This 14 page, wordless board book shows a toddler helping his family to care for the new baby. Two breastfeeding pictures. (ages 1 – 2)


First Year
By Debbie MacKinnon
Photographed by Anthea Sieveking

This 25 book is a beautiful photo documentary about “Baby Neil”. The story follows him from birth through his first birthday. The photographs are big and bright, and illustrate tenderness and love from Neil’s whole family (Mom, Dad, and two Big Sisters) as he grows. He’s shown happy and crying and doing lots of different “baby” activities.


The World Is Full of Babies!

By Mick Manning and Brita Granström

Delacorte Press, 1996

With humorous, engaging text and bright, attractive illustrations, the authors explain how human and animal babies grow and develop. An East Asian mother is shown nursing her baby. (ages 2 - 6)



By Mick Manning

Illustrated by Brita Granström

Albert Whitman & Company, 2001

A wide variety of human and animal mothers feed, shelter, talk, play with, protect, cuddle and nurse their babies to sleep. (ages 3 – 6)


We Like to Nurse

By Chia Martin

Illustrated by Shukyo Lin Rainey

Hohm Press, 1995

Paperbound Fourteen animal pairs are shown nursing in bright, flat pictures with simple text, ending with a human mother and baby. A favorite of breastfed toddlers. (ages 1 - 3)


One Round Moon and a Star for Me

By Ingrid Mennen

Illustrated by Niki Daly

Orchard Books, 1994

A new baby girl is lovingly welcomed in rural South Africa. Her older brother is reassured of his place and belonging in the family. Beautiful color illustrations show Mama nursing the new baby. Close father - son relationship. (ages 3 - 8)


Look What I See! Where Can I Be? In the Neighborhood

By Dia L. Michels

Photographs by Michael J. N. Bowles

Platypus Media, LLC, 2001.

Clues help children to guess where the baby wakes up as a busy family explores a multicultural urban neighborhood. The baby is carried in a sling, a front pack, a back pack, a stroller, and a wagon. The last picture shows the mother and baby nursing outdoors on the grounds of the U.S. Capitol. (ages 2 – 4)


If My Mom Were A Platypus: Animal Babies and Their Mothers

By Dia L. Michels
Illustrated by Andrew Barthelmes

This 61 page book is illustrated with colorful paintings and detailed brown and white sketches. The book features 14 animals (including humans) and details their birth process, early growth and feeding, what the animals eat and do as they grow, when they leave their mothers, and other interesting facts.


Breastmilk makes my tummy yummy

By Cecilia Moen

Midsummer Press, Sweden 1999

This book is ideal for a nursing toddler. Simple, rhymed verse accompanies the multicultural illustrations of babies and toddlers nursing in various situations: when angry or sad, in the bathtub, when mummy is on the phone, in a family bed, etc. Tandem nursing is also shown: “Two can breastfeed without fuss, there is room for both of us.” (ages 2 – 4)


How Was I Born?

By Lennart Nilsson and Lena Katarina Swanberg

Illustrated with color photographs by Lennart Nilsson

Delacorte Press, 1994

A Swedish preschooler tells the story of her baby brother's birth. Three lovely photographs show the new baby nursing just after birth. Additional text explains conception, birth and the growth and development of babies. 80 pages long. (ages 4 - 8)


I’m Made of Mama’s Milk

Mary Olson

In simple rhyming verse, a blissful and contented nursling describes her love for nursing, how breastfeeding benefits her, and when, where and how she nurses her mother. Colorful and dreamy soft-focus images realistically depict the joyful and sensual bond between the mother and child as well as the support and adoration of the father.


Michele, the Nursing Toddler

Jane Pinczuk

A Story about Sharing Love is a story about growing up in a family that loves to the fullest. With mother's milk and daddy's hugs and special visits from grandparents, Michele blooms from an infant to a toddler, developing confidence and pride along the way. First-time author Jane M. Pinczuk brings reality to this whimsical, rhyming children's story by writing about her own daughter. The book features captivating watercolor illustrations for multicultural appeal for children and adults alike.


The Wonder of Mother's Milk

By Mishawn Purnell-O'Neal

Illustrated by Dana T.C. Simpson

Self-published, 2005

The Wonders of Mother's Milk is a multicultural information book for the 5 plus age group that presents a positive view of breastmilk and breastfeeding. Children will love the illustrations of families going about their days with mother nursing close by. (ages 5 - 8)


Hello Baby!

By Lizzy Rockwell

Crown Publishers, 1999

A young boy describes his mother's pregnancy, his sister's hospital birth, homecoming and first day at home. One nice breastfeeding illustration. (ages 3 - 6)

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Mama’s Milk/Mama Me Alimenta
By Michael Elsohn Ross
Illustrated by Ashley Wolff

This book is lovely. Each page features a gouache drawing of different mammals feeing their babies. The text is simple, rhyming, and written in two languages on each page – English and Spanish. There are several pictures of human mothers nursing their babies...


What Baby Needs

By William Sears MD, Martha Sears RN, and Christie Watts Kelly

Little Brown & Company, 2001

The needs of a new baby are described in terms a preschooler can understand and relate to. The baby is carried in a sling and sleeps in the parents' room. The father is very involved in this baby's care. Feelings of the older siblings are recognized as the book models many positive ways for children to interact with a new baby. Includes two nice breastfeeding pictures and one of bottle feeding mother's milk.

A companion book about pregnancy, Baby on the Way, explains the emotional and physical changes that occur when a mother is expecting a new baby. Includes a nice breastfeeding illustration. (ages 3 – 6)


Only the Cat Saw

By Ashley Wolff

Originally published in 1982

Walker and Company, 1996 (softcover)

In this colorful picture book the cat sees all the details in a typical 24 hour day in the life of a busy farm family. The mother is shown breastfeeding the baby in a rocking chair at dawn. (ages 3 - 8)



By Genichiro Yagyu

First published in Japan in 1989

Kane/Miller Book Publishers, 1999.

Alternately silly and tender, this book introduces young children to the real purpose of women's breasts: feeding babies. (ages 5 - 8)


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