Planning a Fund Raiser?

Planning an Event?

Let us help


The North Kingstown community has proven time and time again that it can help the North Kingstown Food Pantry curb hunger.  Self-sponsored food drives, fund raisers, and other individually planned events are what keeps our town’s Pantry successful in helping those families and individuals that depend on us for food.

Let the folks at the North Kingstown Food Pantry help with your next event.  Contact us in advance and we will assist.  Here’s a few ways we can help.

·        Provide space for the event at the Pantry grounds.

·        Provide promotion and recognition of those who plan the event by using local advertising, our web site, and our heavily used Facebook page.

·        Provide tours of the Pantry and we can demonstrate how we operate.

·        Provide help in the planning of your event.

·        Provide a check list of what we need for food.

·        Provide a board member to appear at your event, if requested.

Call us at 401-885-3663, or email at

Thank you for your willingness to help the Pantry & those in are community who are hungry!

FYI- When you are gathering food, don't put items, flyers, or solicitations for food in mailboxes. 


NKFP Website,
Jul 22, 2016, 11:19 AM