About Us

The North Kingstown Food Pantry is a 501(c)(3) Rhode Island non-profit corporation. We envision a community where no one goes hungry. We provide quality food and services to individuals and families in North Kingstown. The food we supply is a supplement to other sources of assistance. It is meant to help with short-term need and also ensure an adequate, healthy diet for our clients.

 We depend primarily on individual donations to stock our shelves. This is why we look to our neighbors, families, businesses, organizations and faith communities to graciously support the NK Food Pantry.

  Our one employee is the Operations Manager, Stephen Souls. Stephen is at the Pantry during hours of operations and can help clients with signing up for the Pantry services, as well as navigate other social programs available in the State of Rhode Island. Stephen can also give donors a tour of the building and answer questions. He coordinates our volunteers to make sure our Pantry is well run!