The North Kingstown Food Pantry is currently located at the Little Red School House, 445 School Street.

We provide emergency food assistance and services to individuals 
and families in the North Kingstown area to help with short-term need and insure an adequate, healthy diet for our clients.
The NK Food Pantry will resume taking volunteers who need community service hours for school, court, or for service organizations. Click on our top button "Forms-Volunteers & Clients" and fill our the volunteer form!
Food is distributed by appointment.   If you are in need of assistance, one of our Food Pantry Coordinators will help you.  Click here to make arrangements or call 401-885-3663.   
 Welcome to our new Food Pantry  
 Administrator, Jane Brown!

Food and monetary donations are NEEDED.  For more information on how to donate to the food pantry click here.  Please DO NOT drop off food at the pantry when the pantry is not open.  The RI Community Food Bank does not allow us to use food that was dropped off unattended.  
**For June the Pantry needs: 
1) Toiletries 
2) Soups: tomato, beef, & vegetable 
3) Crackers 
4) Condiments (mayo, ketchup, pickles, etc)
5) Beans: kidney beans & cannelloni beans