Due to our limited resources and the ever-growing need for our services, it is necessary that we follow these policies:


Any resident of Alachua County who is able to present a doctor’s letter confirming a terminal or disabling illness AND proof of low-income status (SSI, SSDI) is eligible to become a client of PAWS.  


Each household will receive assistance for a maximum of three animals.  If a client enters the program with less than 3 pets, those will be the number of pets P.A.W.S. will provide care for the duration of their or their owner’s lives.  P.A.W.S. will not assume financial responsibility for current clients adopting new pets.  Once any or all said cared for pets run away or are deceased, the client will be put on the waiting list for any new pet they adopt.  Our mission is to help people with disabling illnesses keep their pets, not to assist people in getting new animals.

Except for rare cases in which the animal’s health prohibits surgery, all PAWS patients must be spayed or neutered. PAWS is unable to provide funding for visits to the emergency clinic and other local veterinary hospitals.  If an emergency should arise, please take your pet to an emergency facility and have the veterinarian call PAWS to update us on the patient’s condition and have the patient transferred back to our care. 


If a client passes away, his/her animals do not automatically remain PAWS clients.  Animals may still receive benefits if their new guardian is eligible to become a client.  The new caretaker must go through an official application process and will not receive services without proof of eligibility. Clients are responsible for securing a home for their companion animals in the event of the client’s inability to continue caring for the animal.


PAWS clients will lose their status under the following circumstances:

They no longer have the animals that they registered with on their application.

They move out of Alachua County.

They are unwilling to comply with PAWS policies and procedures.


Print and fill out this form and mail it to the address listed on the application: