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Dog River Crier Newsletter

The Dog River Crier is the official newsletter of the Society, is published three times a year, and is mailed out to all members prior to each dinner meeting, announcing the date of the dinner and the featured program. Included in the Crier are reports, readers' letters, and articles on various topics on the history of Northfield.
For submissions to or questions about the Crier, please contact the Editor, Jeanne Cook, by email at cookjeanne42@gmail.com.
The Crier began in 1975 and has been published without interruption.
The Society has back issues available for $2.00 an issue + postage. More recent back issues may also be purchased at the Northfield Pharmacy. Please Contact Us to request issues of the newsletter.
Announcing full-text issues of the Crier online!
We have completed our scanning! 
Please note: the latest 5 years are available as print copies only. 
You may request a printed copy of a more recent issue for $2.00 + postage.
Click here for full-text back issues. 
Click here to contact us about the purchase of a more recent newsletter issue.
A membership application and dues information is also available in each Crier issue. Or, scroll to the bottom of this page to retrieve the membership application/renewal form (PDF document).

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