Welcome to Northfield Energy: Abrupt Climate Change - Abrupt Community Change

This website is designed to help residents of Northfield, Minnesota navigate the science of abrupt climate change and to illuminate the steps Northfield's government has taken to address the role humans play in these processes.

In order to encourage community action, we have included a section called Abrupt Community Change. This part of the website provides resources for concerned citizens who want to find out how to get involved with city government and other groups in town.

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There is a lot of information floating around out there about what climate change is and what its causes are. In our section about Abrupt Climate Change we explain some of the science behind how Earth's climate systems actually work.

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One of the most important actions taken by Northfield toward its mission of sustainability has been the Energy Task Force Master Report, a document which provides guidance on policies Northfield could adopt in the future. We have included the full text of the report here in an accessible fashion, along with commentary on the report in the context of abrupt climate change.

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