Notice posted on May 18th:
Please email Mrs. Kim Hayes ( khayes @ bellsouth . net ) with the time that you will be at store this weekend (May 22 &23?)
All adults participating in Northern Tier should complete the following training online:


Fast Start Training

Youth Protection Training


All adults and youth must complete the following:


Safe Swim Defense

Safety Afloat

Hazardous Weather


All of this training can be accessed at http://olc.scouting.org/index.html


Submit the training completed dates to your crew leader. Crew leaders need to provide me with the training dates of everyone in their crew by Friday, March 26.


In addition at least 1 adult per crew must have the following certifications:



Wilderness First Aid


Wilderness First Aid Training is in April 2010.  The course will held in two sessions.  The first session is an evening course 7PM – 10:30PM (Participants choice of April 20th or 22nd).  The second session is an all day training Saturday April 24th.  The course cost is $75.00.  Event registration will open up in January 2010.

To register for training click here:  www.atlantabsa.org (under training)

Note: Complete Meeting notes from 3/22/10 have been added to the documents webpage.

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Garage Sale is May 29th

The Northern Tier participants will host a Garage sale on May 29th at the corner of Hwy 92 and Sandy Plaines Road. Other scouts from Troop 1134 will participate and earn service hours.  They will also run concessions and the proceeds will go to their scout accounts for dues and summer camp fees.


The Troop will collect items on April 11 at the Troop Trailer after all masses.  Mrs. McGuinn is working to get an ad in the SPC bulletin on Easter Sunday. We will also advertise that pickups can be made that day (time TBD; recommendation is 1:00 – 3:00 p.m.).  Mr. Easterly, Mr. Jordan, and Mr. Dobson have offered their vehicles for pickup.  Mr. Gruver and Mr. Thompson have offered space at their house for storage of donated items. (let me know if you have space to store donated items.)


We are also planning to collect items on May 2nd.


Other details of the garage sale will follow.



Donut sales on April 11th


We will sell donuts after all masses the same day April 11th.

 We will need adequate coverage at both events including parents of all participants.  We would encourage scouts and parents to sign up for both.  Proceeds for each are divided by the hours worked. 


Looking for files?
Check out the Documents page (on this website) to download information (some files are also on the main troop website on the High Adventure Webpage).
is a local store that has used packs, tents, clothing, rain gear, manufacturers samples of all kinds of camping gear and accessories, they also have an ebay site:  stores.ebay.com/thegearrevival
Troop 1134 Northern Tier Expedition 
Length of trip: 8 days. 6 nights and 7 days on the water.
Base Camp Location: Atikokan, Ontario
Dates: Saturday June 19, 2010 through Saturday June 26th, 2010

2010 Norther Tier Crew Roster


Here are some answers to questions raised:

How fast will we travel in a canoe? On average 1-2 miles per hour. Speed is determined not only by paddling power but the amount of portages, and weather.

Will all personal gear be consolidated into crew packs on the expedition? Yes. You will not be allowed to carry your own personal backpack.  Compression sacks for clothing and sleeping bags are highly recommended.

What type of filet knives are allowed since fixed blade knives are not allowed by BSA? The BSA Guide to Safe scouting only states "Avoid large sheath knives...". It does not explicitly state that fixed blade knives are not allowed. My BSA contact in Ely confirmed that a fixed blade filet knife is not only allowed, it is recommended.

What options to we have for Sunday mass on both Sundays? There is no option for mass at base camp on either Sunday.  According to Masstimes.org there are no Catholic Churches in Atikokan Ontario. As we firm up travel plans we can explore other options (including getting dispensation.)