Argentine Tango workshops - July 24 to 27 2015

David Backler & Dianne Heyward-Smith - Tango professionals extraordinaire

Enter the mysterious & compelling rhythms of “Tango Argentino” & quickly find yourself in a new world of dynamic style and vitality.


Open Level Classes- Suitable for beginners to advanced.

Understand & practice the crucial fundamentals of tango techniques.

Strengthening rhythm & connection in the embrace for increased pleasure at all levels of dance experience.


With simplicity, & elegance - experience the famous yet elusive “El Abrazo Tango”.  

Learn to find the “secrets inside” & create your very own “Tango de Salon”.

Friday night July 24 Milonga (social Tango party) -

at Coconut Grove Hall, 24 Musgrave Crescent, Coconut Grove

8:00—11:00pm  :-  Welcome MILONGA  

Enter the glorious & compelling rhythms of the Milonga.    BYO drinks.    Tea, coffee and light supper provided.

Saturday night July 25 Milonga -

at The Darwin Railway Club, 17 Somerville Gardens, Parap

8:00—11:00pm  :-  Railway MILONGA and performance

The Railway Club is a licensed venue, drinks available from the bar   -  enchanted by the sounds of the Bandoneon.







TANGO : Workshops


"Tango Embrace" - Dancing in the Milonga, linking figures in the line of dance.


"Feeling the music and improvisation " - fun with the conversation between lead and follow.


"Tango Giro Figures" - some interesting milonguero giros


MILONGA Workshops

 Estampa = music x chutzpa²

 Feeling  the Rhythm, confidence: dynamic & calm all at once!

Elegant Rhythm

VALS  Workshop

 The character and the dynamic of the Vals 

  • ·         Basics of Vals rhythm and suspension
  • ·         Beautiful Vals Giros with syncopation


Pre workshops preparation classes

For those that are keen to establish a foundation of basics before the workshop weekend

Thursday 9th July
7pm - Giros for everyone
8pm - Vals for everyone

Thursday 16th July
7pm - Milonga for everyone
8pm - Tango sequence for everyone

Thursday 23rd July - NO CLASS - rest day for the awesome weekend of Tango...

Northern Tango,
Jul 7, 2015, 7:07 AM
Northern Tango,
Jul 7, 2015, 7:07 AM