The Northern Star Martial Arts Academy is a group of like minded instructors from a variety of martial disciplines who want to advance and share their knowledge, and promote growth and development in the martial arts community.  Our goal is to provide top level instruction for the development of the martial artist.  Our common belief is that cross-training in multiple disciplines allows the martial artist to enhance and develop a deeper appreciation of their current art and skills, while learning and developing new skills and appreciating other arts enable the martial artists to become more well-rounded practitioners. Students of all disciplines at all levels of experience are welcome to participate. Instructors with a level equivalent of 3rd degree black belt and higher in their respective discipline are encouraged to join in our mission and share their knowledge.
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Stephen Browne is offering all day seminars on knife fighting/knife defense in advance of the next Northern Star Martial Arts Academy seminar. For black belt/instructor rank only. (An exception may be made for brown belt/advanced students with the sponsorship of their instructor.) The goal is to have a number of instructors brought up to speed to assist with the training at the May seminar. Subjects covered will include: carry, draw and deployment, different schools and styles of knives and knife fighting, defense against the knife unarmed and with improvised weapons, test cutting, and the "sucker punch."

A day-by-day syllabus will be available when we have an idea how many people are interested.

Time: We will try to have them at least three Sundays in April.

Dress and equipment: Jeans, BDUs, or sweat pants, T-shirt, sneakers or hiking shoes. No gis. I have rubber sheath knife replicas available, you may want to get your own from Cold Steel. 

TFW training folder, available here: 
 (At $11.99 it's a steal.)

You may bring your own live blades, which will be stored in a place I designate until test cutting time.

Location: my place.

Cost: $20 per seminar (minimum 6 hours instruction.)    



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