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Announcement !!
Please checkout the 2015 Reunion Pictures of the event at El Rito!!

Dear Northern New Mexico Alumni,  

I was so pleased to find a website created for the Northern NM alumni. My name is Ben Casados. I taught science from 1959 to 1964 with a one year interruption while I completed my Masters Degree at Michigan State University.  It was my first teaching job and I have many pleasant memories of my days at El Rito. It was a wonderful time. For some reason I always thought the students at Northern were special. The fact fact that you have website and you stay in touch with each other is evidence of how special you really are.
I left teaching in 1964 went to work with NASA as a Space Science Specialist, then worked at JPL in planetary exploration. I am now retired living in Huntington Beach. I have a vacation home in Los Ojos, NM i used to be called Park View it is near Tierra Amarilla. I go there as often as I can, In fact I am going to be there next week and will be there for about two weeks.  
I would be pleased to attend your next reunion. Do you hold one every year?
Again, It was great to see faces of my former students! And saddened by the passing of some alumni.
Ben Casados

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   "It’s a cool website and I  enjoyed it. I can                      

    see that its time consuming."      Robert Romero '60                 

"Thank you for the email invite to our high school reunion for next year.

However, I am unable to be present. Best wishes to you and the other attendees for a happy and memorable high school reunion."

"I wish you and all alumni a very successful reunion.  I would love so much to be able to attend and renew old acquaintances. "           Gloria Ortiz Candelaria

"Great Job! I really enjoyed browsing through the web-site.  You gals are doing a wonderful job.  Mil gracias! " Erlinda '60


"Somos como una gota de agua--Cuando nos juntamos, nuestra amistad sigue

para siempre."  Carlos Martinez  '62

"hi just thought I let you know you guys did  a wonderful job on the reunion. Thanks. Lots of hard work. Again thanks  lou" '50
"Thanks to both of you.  I had a great time and reunited with great friends.  Appreciate your hard work."
Roman Maes, JD '62
"Thanks to all of you for giving me the opportunity of working with your class reunion this past week-end.
I thoroughly enjoyed it & it was my pleasure to be involved with all of you. You are a great bunch to work with. Please forward this to any of the committee that I don’t have email for.
Sammy & I had a blast. Everyone asked me when I graduated from “El Rito”, ha,ha. It was fun!"
Always, Cecilia (Cece) Martinez   (Sammy Martinez '59)

"It was great to see you, you look pretty young.  I had a great time at the reunion and visiting with everyone.  You guys picked an elegant place for us to spend the week-end, and all the activities were fun.  Thank you for all the hard work you put into getting the reunion together."
Marcella Romero

> "Hi Johnell,
> Georgianna and I had an absolute fabulous time at the reunion.  It was my first time to a reunion and my first time seeing my classmates since our school days.  I tried to capture everyone in the photos and hope I didn't leave anyone out. " Ray Sandoval
 Your hard work was successful, it was a wonderful time.  We can never thank you enough.  Take a good rest now and get back that energy so we can dance again!!  Cindy Padilla  '65