OCT 2014

The new 1/2A situation discussed. See letters page.

How is the new Hi-Start glider class going? What have you built?

Email your comments to nmf.news@gmail.com

  2014/2015 World Wide Postal competition now announced, with new classes added.

We have lost flying sites, but scores could be sent in from those trimming days. Please support Caley in her efforts.



Oct 14th - 8th Area - Area Venues

Saturday 3rd May. Barry Lumb has discussed the Church Fenton situation with his MP and is asking that more people do the same! Please go to the letters page

Tuesday 4th February.   The situation at RAF Church Fenton is resolved.


Barry Lumb has had the final conversations with the various departments concerned. The six bookings that he secured up to the end of March have been CANCELLED.

The way that this site works;
Please join in. Just send your comments or questions and pictures to;

This site concentrates on the flying of Free Flight model aircraft.

Unlike models controlled by radio, Free Flight models are designed and trimmed to fly in a set controlled pattern and once released, are free to make the flight, drifting down wind as they fly to this pattern. The skill lies in the ability of the operator to make the model fly in this way, resulting in great satisfaction to the Free Flight Flyer by this success!
Free Flight model aircraft are generally divided into three categories.
1] Gliders, which are towed up with a line [similar to a kite] and then released to fly free.
2] Models with a propeller which is driven by lengths of rubber strip.
3] Models powered by small internal combustion engines, electric motors or tiny Co2 motors.

All of these Free Flight models can be flown for the sheer joy of watching the flight, some being scaled versions of full size aircraft which are often flown in competitions based on realism. Others are flown in duration competitions, where each flight is timed and the maximum total wins! some of these discipines also take place indoors.
The British Model Flying Association [BMFA] is our central organising body and a visit to their site [see links] offers lots of information.
 Since the demise of the Northern Area Free Flight News,[a paper magazine] it is considered that we still need a way of picking up information and communicating. It is the intention of this site to do just that.
Probably the most used part of the NAFF News was the 'What's On' section.
This calendar of events will be displayed in more or less the same format,
therefore if you wish to see your events included, please email your information to the editor.
A page is available for results and reports. This can only happen if people send emailed information to the editor for inclusion. Photographs welcome. 
Initially, these two sections will form the basis, but articles, plan details etc would be included if modellers email information.
NOTE: As from 20th Feb 2014 we have "branched out" a bit for the moment into Control Line flying as an aside from all the above "main line" stuff.

You can contact the editor at:
nmf.news@gmail.com  or 0113 2560720
Bye for now.  Jack Foster
Recent Site Updates
Monday 7th April. Reports from Ashdown Forest and Beaulieu added.
Monday 7th April. Reports from Merryfield and Salisbury plain added.
Monday 7th April Colin Foster reports from North Luffenham.
Tuesday 8th April. John O'Donnell sends details of Timperley Gala.
Monday 14th April. See Steve Fielding's Co2 story. [power page.]
Saturday 19th April. See Jim Moseley's new Bungee Glider.
Monday 21st April. Colin Foster reports on the Northern Gala.
Saturday 26th April. See Allan Brown's Peacemaker story. [CL page]
Wednesday 30th April. Dixielander comp. details added. [See Future Events]
Saturday 3rd May. See Barry Lumb's letter. [Letters Page]
Sunday 4th May. At last! Colin Foster breaks the silence! [Rubber Page]
Friday 9th May. Allan Brown writes. [See Power and Rubber pages]
Sunday 11th May. Allan Brown sends some sad news. [Letters Page]
Tuesday 13th May. John O'Donnell writes re. Ron Pollard. [Letters Page]
Wednesday 14th May. See Mike Quinn's latest Power story.
Thursday 15th May. Colin Foster responds to Mike.
Wednesday 21st May. J O'D provides some Comp results. Power page.
Wednesday 21st May. See Steve Barnes new Peacemaker. CL Page.
Wednesday 21st May. Mike Quinn answers the Puzzle! Power Page and reveals
his latest ducted fan model.
Monday 2nd June. See Colin Foster's report from the Nats. [Feed back from the FF Nats page.] 
Wednesday 4th June. Colin adds pictures to FF Nats Page.
Monday 9th June. Ian Wilkinson captures more glider pictures.
Monday 23rd June. Barry Lumb reports on an F1E meeting [Glider page]
Monday 23rd June 4th Area results from Salisbury and Beaulieu added.
Monday 23rd June. Dave Ryals sends a picture from the Nats.
27th June. Stuart Darmon writes re Brumfly. [See above]
1st July. New World Wide Postal for 2014/2015 added. [See Postal Page]
1st July. Mike Bull sends 1/2A comments. [Power Page]
6th August. Gavin Manion sends detail of Coupe event (See Future Events)
28th August. Steve Barnes Control Line Experience at NATS. CL Page 
1st Sept. Gerry Ferer reports on 2014 Timperley Gala - See Timperley Weekend
5th October. Details of J O'Donnells swapmeet (See Future Events)
5th October.Graham Bryant writes about 1/2 A -( See power page)
5th October. Mike Quinn sells NFFS Symposia year books -( See letters page) Apologies for delay Mike - hope it is not too late !