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Welcome to The Northern Journey of Bruce H. Wark Website

My grandfather is Bruce H. Wark and this site presents the diary entries, photographs and stories surrounding his journey to the Yukon gold fields during the Klondike Gold Rush.  His trek started in Detroit, Michigan, on November 20, 1897, and concluded in Detroit on September 22, 1900, nearly three years later.

My grandfather and his business associates set out from Detroit, travelling by train to Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.  In Edmonton, the party outfitted themselves to travel by foot to the Peace River region in British Columbia to search for gold.  Once in the Peace River region plans changed, and my grandfather crossed the Rocky Mountains, again by foot, in an attempt to get to the gold fields in the Klondike region around Dawson, Yukon Territory.  In the end, he made it to the Klondike region, travelling via Seattle, San Francisco, Skagway and the Yukon River.  Along the way, he worked as a river boatman, writer, longshoreman, railroad laborer, newspaper salesman, typewriter repairman and, finally, gold miner.

For me, besides being a fascinating piece of my family's history, my grandfather's diaries and photographs provide a little more history of the Klondike Gold Rush.  I hope you enjoy.

Robert D. Wark

A short biography

Bruce H. Wark

I am not sure when this photograph was taken; perhaps after my grandfather returned from the Klondike. 

Bruce Harris Wark was born on April 29, 1874, near Wanstead, Ontario, Canada.  He is the fifth child of Archibald Wark and Jane McAlpine.  After completing his education, he relocated (about 1891) to Port Huron, Michigan, where he was employed by a threshing machine company.  In 1894, he relocated to Detroit where he was employed in typewriter sales and repairs.


"[T]he discovery of gold in the Klondike challenged his spirit of adventure to such a degree that he set forth for the new Arctic Eldorado, where he passed three years in the gold fields, prospecting and speculating and gaining a full quota of hardships and other experiences which marked the early period of gold-seeking in that country which has been described so vividly by Jack London and Rex Beach."  (The quotation is taken from the entry for my grandfather in The City of Detroit, Michigan, 1701-1922, Volume V, published by The S.J. Clarke Publishing Company, 1922, page 626, available at Google Books [last accessed October 12, 2010].)


He returned to Detroit in 1900 where he entered into the stock brokerage business, then manufacturing, and finally, real estate.  He was naturalized in Detroit in 1915.  During both World Wars he was a member of the local draft board.  He was a captain in the Michigan State Troops.  He was affiliated with a number of Detroit business organizations and the Palestine Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons.


On February 23, 1922, he married Anna Eleanora Klopp in Chicago, Illinois.  He and Anna had four children: Bruce Harris (my father), Jean Louise, Betty Jane and Robert Alan.  He died in Detroit on May 27, 1944.


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