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Hello, and thank you for checking out our music classroom page! This school year is off to a great start, and I'm really excited to be teaching students in grades K-5 here again this year. I'm at Northern Heights 4 days each week and I spend 1 day at Sunnyland Elementary teaching grades 3-5. Students in grades K-2 (primary) have music 2 times a week for 40 minutes, and students in grades 3-5 (intermediate) have music once a week for 40 minutes. 

Here on our music room home page you will find important information and resources related to our music program. Use the links on the left to find more specific information for each grade level! 

 Miss Kilgore


Interested in being an advocate for music education in the Bellingham School District? Get involved with the Bellingham Music Coalition! The Bellingham Music Coalition is a local group of parents and community members who are working to advocate for strong music programs in Bellingham schools, all the way from elementary up through high school. If you are interested in getting involved or just want to be aware of their activities, you can find them on Facebook or check out their website here:

Music books in the library!!!!

I would like to call your attention to a fabulous series of "Songtale" books by music educator John Feierabend that are in our library for students to check out and share at home! Each book contains a beautifully illustrated folksong, which students here at Northern Heights already know (or will learn) in music class. Students can check out the books for songs they already know, or they can take home a song we haven’t done yet in class and explore it on their own.


One great thing about this series is that on the back cover there is a web address where you can listen to the song from the book and even download it for free! Once on the site for a particular book, you could even do some digging around and search for the other titles in the series to access songs for the other books as well. 


Titles in the series by John Feierabend include: There Was a Man and He was Mad, My Aunt Came Back, Father Grumble, The Crabfish, The Tailor and the Mouse, The Frog and the Mouse, The Derby Ram, and Risseldy Rosseldy


Listen to Northern Heights students sing our IB songs!
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