3rd Grade Home

3rd Graders at Northern Heights make good decisions, solve problems & show respect.
                                 They are ready to learn by being safe, responsible and respectful.
Contact Information

Isabel Machuca-Kelley: Isabel.Machuca-Kelley@bellinghamschools.org 676-6470, ext. 7425

Mimi SaundersMimi.Saunders@bellinghamschools.org 676-6470, ext. 7422

Stephanie Wayerski: Stephanie.Wayerski@bellinghamschools.org 676-6470, ext. 7460


Do you want to learn more about the Common Core State Standards?  If you do, then
this is the site for you!  Take a look at the 3-minute video that explains the CCSS.
Here you will find the Reading, Writing and Language standards.
Learn more about the Grade 3 Overview:
Operations and Algebraic Thinking, Number and Operations in Base Ten,
Number and Operations-Fractions, Measurement and Data and Geometry.
Sound games, experiments, fun facts and more!
See how these drummers use a frozen lake as a musical instrument! AMAZING!!!!
JUST FOR FUN...Take a tour around the world and around the United States.
Music video and animation
Music video and animation