Northern Arizona Randonneurs, is an all volunteer, non-commercial, not-for-profit cycling group, similar to many other randonneuring regions.  We charge entry fees for events to cover basic expenses. We try to keep these as low as possible and run the events at break even, be it a supported or unsupported ride.

You do not need to be a RUSA member to ride. If new to randonneuring, see "About Randonneuring" at and see the benefits of becoming a member of the RUSA community.

How to Register for a Ride

1) At least one week before the ride, send a brief email to with your questions or intention to ride a specific scheduled brevet. Your email will be answered by the Regional Brevet Administrator (RBA) John Ingold or by the designated Ride Coordinator/Wrangler.

2) A few days before the event the RBA or Ride Coordinator/Wrangler will send an email with any "Final Instructions" regarding the ride. This info could include any construction areas on the route, control changes, expected weather, etc.

3) Rider sign in will typically begin 30-45 minutes before ride start.
All riders, RUSA member or not, must sign a RUSA waiver form provided by the RBA or Ride Coordinator/Wrangler at the ride start, which doubles as a rider sign-in sheet.

4) Bring the designated fee (typically $5 - $20 based on ride, see "Calendar") to the ride start to cover cuesheets, brevet cards and RUSA insurance.  This fee may vary if volunteers are available
to support the ride to cover any food, snacks, drinks, gas, SAG, etc. (support and additional fee will be noted in the "final instructions" sent to riders). NOTE: All riders should be prepared to purchase food/drinks along the route whether the ride is unsupported or supported (any available volunteers may not be able to cover all control points, so riders will need to forage for fuel and get a receipt as proof-of-passage at unsupported controls).

Ride Start
Look for a vehicle near the ride start with the red-white-blue RUSA banner at the start point. Once your registration is complete you will receive the ride cue sheet and brevet control card. All rides will start at exactly the indicated start time.

Mininum Rider Gear
At a minimum, riders will need a helmet, tailight, headlight (typically for 300k or longer rides) and basic repair kit (extra tubes, patch kit, multi-tool, etc.). Reflective & high visibility gear such as vest, jacket, and ankle bands are required for night riding. It is always a smart idea to wear bright clothing day or night (see and be seen). Simple high visibility vests can be purchase for about $10-$20 at box hardware stores. The RUSA website also sells appropriate
reflective & high visibility vests, jackets, and ankle bands.