What is a permanent?

A Permanent is a long distance cycling route, basically a brevet that you ride on your own schedule, rather than on a scheduled, pre-appointed date. These type routes are certified by Randonneurs USA (RUSA) and can be from 100km up to 1200km long. Any RUSA member can design a Permanent route, and once approved, become the responsible Permanent Owner to manage the registration and results for riders. Only current RUSA members can ride Permanents, either alone or with a group. No support is provided.

Schedule a Ride

Contact the Permanent Owner by email at least two weeks before the ride to show your interest. If you don't allow at least two weeks, the risk of not getting entered is possible if the ride owner is out of touch for a few days at the time you send in your entry. Depending on the best method, the Owner will send a Permanent Registration-Waiver Form by snail mail or email to set the date of the ride. After the rider sets the date and signs the Waiver and returns it with any fee to the Owner, the rider will receive a ride cuesheet and ride card similar to a brevet.

The Ride

To learn more about permanents, read the RUSA Permanent FAQ page and consult your RUSA Handbook. You should also review the RUSA Rules for Riders if new to brevet or permanent riding. Even though the rider can choose the day and time for his or her permanent, they are just as formal as a regular brevet in all other ways. There are no "rain checks" or refunds for any reason. If you either DNS (did not start) or DNF (did not finish), you must contact the Owner since there are event insurance matters to attend to. Take a pen as it is important that you fill in your brevet card carefully so that you get your ride credit. Obtain the receipt proof of passage as required, record control times, and answer any "info control" questions on your ride card. Once completed sign the card, gather receipts and send them to the Owner for RUSA validation within 10 days of finishing the ride. Your ride validation number will then be assigned and entered into your RUSA record.

Permanent Mileage and Distance Awards

Since Permanent rides in the US are validated by RUSA, they do not count toward any international ACP awards or as a qualifier for a 1200km Grand Randonnée (except with special permission). A Permanent can count toward a rider's yearly RUSA Distance Award totals or the R-12 award. The R-12 award can be a motivating year-round goal where at least one Permanent or brevet, 200K or longer must be ridden each month for 12 consecutive months.
Likewise, a Permanent Populaire is 100-199km long and by riding one each month will qualify for the RUSA P-12 award.

To Ride a Permanent in Northern Arizona

To schedule a permanent in the Northern Arizona region, go to the N. AZ Permanents page, choose a ride location and distance, then click on the Permanent Owner name to send a request by email. The Owner will provide a registration-waiver form used to set the ride date and time. Once completed, the Owner will provide a cuesheet and Permanent ride card. Completed cards must be signed and should be returned with any receipts/proof of passage to the Owner within 10 days of completing the ride.

For more permanents in Arizona go to AZ Brevet Permanents (Central & Southern AZ)

Nationwide Permanents

Also, the RUSA Permanents Search page on the RUSA website provides a listing of all rides throughout all US regions, including all of Arizona, which riders can search for the desired location and distance, and contact for the Permanent Owner.