The 2018 Northern Arizona Randos schedule is limited to a 200k ACP-validated ride on May 12. 
For additional rides in Arizona see the central and southern Arizona randonneuring sites. Come ride with us if seeking a new state for the American Explorer Award, need a specific ACP-validated ride for an SR series, or if you haven't ridden before in the beauty of Northern Arizona (AZ isn't all cactus and low-altitude desert!). See rides details and map link on Calendar Page. If just passing through N. AZ and can take time to ride, numerous distance permanents throughout the region are available, as listed on our Permanents Page.


Since Northern Arizona Randonneurs is an all volunteer, non-commercial, not-for-profit cycling activity VOLUNTEERS ARE ITS HEART AND SOUL/BEDROCK/ROCK STARS. If you are interested in helping plan rides or routes, support rides, or help in any way, please contact John at Your support will be greatly appreciated!! 

Volunteers are needed to help keep the riding opportunities and randonneuring traditional alive.
Without volunteers this region may not exist in the near future.

Anyone who generously volunteers to support a ride will not only be praised by riders, but can receive gas, meals, and possibly lodging (for longer overnight events).

If you want to be notified of any volunteer opportunities or events and get on the Northern Arizona Randonneurs email list, let us know (we will not share your email or spam you, just keep you in the loop on what's going on and/or how you can help.)

Volunteers for any supported event can earn credit for completing the brevet "Worker's Ride" aka Pre-ride. RUSA has rules and guidelines for holding Worker's Rides:
  • Worker's Rides are held for the benefit of day-of-event volunteers and are not open to riders who are not volunteering on the scheduled event date.
  • Only one Worker's Ride is held for an event within the 15 days prior to the date of the actual brevet.
  • Date/time for the Worker's Ride is chosen by the ride host/coordinator in conjuction with the Regional Brevet Administrator (RBA) - the RBA approves the date.
  • Volunteers must contact the RBA to ensure a volunteer assignment before the Worker's Ride date - no brevet credit is provide for any pre-ride not given RBA approval.
  • If there are no day-of-event volunteers pre-riding the route, the RBA may designate a rider (or two for longer-distance events) to perform that duty.
Volunteers for the Adopt-a-Road litter cleanups will be recognized for their support with a Northern Arizona Randonneurs sign at the designated cleanup area provided by the sponsoring highway/road agency.


If interested in the details on randonneuring provided by a rider from Northern Arizona, check here for the upcoming schedule of presentations. If interested in a free presentation, email John at Presentations can be 15-90 minutes based on your interest. An outline of the topics addressed can be viewed at the bottom of this page "Intro to Randonneuring_Outline.pdf".

August 29, 2015: 11-12:30 REI-Flagstaff - see details at

May 7, 2015: 6-7:30pm  REI-Flagstaff
- see details at


Welcome to the home of the Northern Arizona Randonneurs, long distance cycling enthusiasts based in Flagstaff, dedicated to keeping the tradition of randonneuring alive thru the adventure of riding the diverse terrain of Northern Arizona. We are a new region of Randonneurs USA (RUSA) started in 2015.  Part of the worldwide network of routes and riders, we organize and ride long distance in the Arizona counties basically from the Mogollon Rim in the south to Utah border in the north, east to the New Mexico border and west to the California/Nevada borders.

Geographic diversity is offered in this region, to name a few areas: Grand Canyon, Painted Desert, Ponderosa Pine forests, Mogollon Rim, Sedona Red Rocks, Verde Valley, White Mountains, etc. The area is typically cooler in late spring/summer than southern Arizona riding, and in general warmer for northern states riders that visit or “winter over” in Arizona.

Riding is possible year round in this region since the elevation varies from 400 ft up to 9,000 ft, Mohave Desert/Basin & Range (NW) to high plains of the Colorado & Kaibab Plateaus (NC) to Canyonlands (NE) to the high peaks of the White Mountains Range (E). Majestic and intimate canyons, desert solitude, hulking volcanic fields, dramatic escarpments, towering mesas, and mountain wildflower laden tundra exist in the region's seven climatic zones. Ride variety can cater to the experienced randonneur ("rando") or to any new adventurous rider. 

Rides are typically created and organized by a RUSA-approved Regional Brevet Administrator (RBA). You don't need to be a RUSA member to join in on a scheduled ride, meet like-minded adventurous riders and expand one's riding options. Rides will be announced on this website as fully supported or not supported. Since Northern Arizona has a variety of paved and unpaved forest and ranch roads, routes can be either all paved, include a mix of pavement and dirt-gravel, or can be all dirt-gravel surfaces. 

Since we are new, our ride calendar is likely to have only several rides in 2015. But we hope to grow interest and get more ideas for rides by riders as time goes by.

Besides the enjoyment of a brevet event, it's a good opportunity for training, exploring the region's various roads with the company of others, share stories, gear info and rides to events.  If this is appealing, then joining RUSA can be a good way to tap into the tradition of randonneuring and the numerous riding possibilities in Arizona, the US network and the world. RUSA membership also includes a quarterly newsletter/magazine highlighting ride reports, news on upcoming event, riding tips, gear reviews and more.

Please join us. For more information contact John at and see the RUSA website for all things randonneuring and membership.

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