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2017 RIDES

Northern Arizona Randonneurs offers a full Super Randonneur series of ACP brevets in 2017. All rides are *Zero Support rides in the true spirit of randonneuring.  RUSA and non-RUSA riders are welcome. No SAG or outside support is provided. Fueling/water points (variety of cafes, stores, fast food, C-stores, general store, water hose, etc.) are available along each route at regular intervals and will be clearly noted on the cue sheet for each ride.

Each RUSA member has the responsibility to know and understand the RUSA Rules for Riders and abide with local traffic laws.

Each RUSA member has the responsibility to follow RUSA rules, meet the necessary control documentation requirements and to complete the brevet card. Failure to do so will lead to disqualification by the RBA.

Every rider should review the cue sheet in advance to determine necessary hydration or food to carry between supply sources
. Each rider should make their own SAG arrangements (or use local Uber as available). All riders should be prepared to purchase food/drinks along the route. In accordance with RUSA rules, any outside rider support will be allowed only at designated controls to complete a valid brevet. The RBA will likely be riding each ride and can be consulted for local conditions or resources as needed.

DATE BREVET  (Validation)
GPS link)
SURFACE CLIMB (ft) Begins/Ends START   *Support 

5/13/17 *Flagstaff-Valle 200 via San Francisco Peaks Scenic Road (ACP) 200k Out&Back
All Paved 4,600 Flagstaff, AZ 0700       NO
6/17/17 *Flagstaff-Clints Well-Winslow 300 via Lake Country/Mogollon Rim (ACP) 300k CCW Loop
All Paved 6,900 Flagstaff, AZ 0500       NO      $10

8/12/17*AZ High Country 400 - CW Loop via White Mtns Scenic Road (ACP)400kCW Loop

All Paved11,500  
Holbrook, AZ
0500   NO

9/9/17CANCELLED - Grand Canyon 600 via GCNP S. Rim (ACP)600k
CW Loop
98.5% Paved15,000
Williams, AZ0500       NO

The 600k will also be a *Zero Support ride. Riders will go from Williams into the Grand Canyon NP South Rim ($15 biker entry fee as of early 2017). The recommended overnight control is at approximately
400k in Winslow. Three motels plus 24/7 food-fuel sources are on the route as noted on the RWGPS link above (and noted on the cue sheet). Several more lodging options exist slightly off the route in Winslow as well. If planning no overnight stop, riders must pay attention to the limited nighttime services hours in the more remote sections of the final 200k as noted on the RWGPS route link above and as reflected on cue sheets to be provided. Riders are responsible for their own lodging arrangements and cost at the start and overnight control.  The 2% of  unpaved route (5 miles) is on two iconic, rarely ridden Rt. 66 sections between Bellemont and Williams, typically well-graded dirt-gravel easily ridden on 25mm or wider tires.

*Zero Support rides are in the true spirit of randonneuring - no SAG is provided. Commercial fueling/water points along each route will be clearly noted on the cue sheet for each ride. Each rider should be prepared to make their own SAG arrangements.

How to Register for a Ride

1) At least one week before the ride, send a brief email to with your questions or intention to ride a specific scheduled brevet. Your email will be answered by the Regional Brevet Administrator (RBA) John Ingold or by the designated Ride Coordinator/Wrangler.

2) A few days before the event the RBA or Ride Coordinator/Wrangler will send an email with any "Final Instructions" regarding the ride. This will include the final route cuesheet (typically in 12-point font as provided on ride day at start, scale up as needed if printing in advance) and any additional info that could include any construction areas on the route, control changes, expected weather, etc.

3) Rider sign in will typically begin 30-45 minutes before ride start.
All riders, RUSA member or not, must sign a RUSA waiver form provided by the RBA or Ride Coordinator/Wrangler at the ride start, which doubles as a rider sign-in sheet.

4) Bring the designated fee (typically $5 - $20 based on ride, see "Calendar") to the ride start to cover cuesheets, brevet cards and RUSA insurance.  This fee may vary if volunteers are available
to support the ride to cover any food, snacks, drinks, gas, SAG, etc. (support and additional fee will be noted in the "final instructions" sent to riders). NOTE: All riders should be prepared to purchase food/drinks along the route whether the ride is unsupported or supported (any available volunteers may not be able to cover all control points for all fast or slow riders, so riders will need to forage for fuel and get a receipt as proof-of-passage at unsupported controls).


Since Northern Arizona Randonneurs is an all volunteer, non-commercial, not-for-profit cycling activity
VOLUNTEERS ARE ITS HEART AND SOUL/BEDROCK/ROCK STARS. If you are interested in helping plan rides or routes, support rides, or help in any way, please contact John at Your support will be greatly appreciated!!

Without volunteer help this RUSA region and rides may not exist in the near future.

Anyone who generously volunteers to support a ride will not only be praised by riders, but can receive gas, meals, and possibly lodging (for longer overnight events).

If you want to be notified of any volunteer opportunities or events and get on the Northern Arizona Randonneurs email list, let us know (we will not share your email or spam you, just keep you in the loop on what's going on and/or how you can help.)

Volunteers for any supported event can earn credit for completing the brevet "Worker's Ride" aka Pre-ride. RUSA has rules and guidelines for holding Worker's Rides:
  • Worker's Rides are held for the benefit of day-of-event volunteers and are not open to riders who are not volunteering on the scheduled event date.
  • Only one Worker's Ride is held for an event within the 15 days prior to the date of the actual brevet.
  • Date/time for the Worker's Ride is chosen by the ride host/coordinator in conjuction with the Regional Brevet Administrator (RBA) - the RBA approves the date.
  • Volunteers must contact the RBA to ensure a volunteer assignment before the Worker's Ride date - no brevet credit is provide for any pre-ride not given RBA approval.
  • If there are no day-of-event volunteers pre-riding the route, the RBA may designate a rider (or two for longer-distance events) to perform that duty.