9th Annual North East Sonex Fly-In

Keene (EEN) Municipal (Dillant-Hopkins) Airport

Saturday, September 9, 2017

(The event will be at the FBO building)

Rain date: Saturday, September 16

(The Go/No-Go on the primary date will be posted on this web site by 6pm September 8)


If you have an interest in the Sonex aircraft; if you just like airplanes and enjoy hanging around airports; if you live in the New England/Northeast area, then this event is for you!

This event was conceived because there are now nearly a dozen or more flying Sonex/Waiex/Xenos/Onex aircraft in the area, and even more active builders, as well as those considering building.

We hope to have many flying Sonex/Waiex/Xenos/Onex aircraft attending so the rest of us can admire them (!), to ask questions, and to say, "so that's where that piece goes..." Then there's the rest of the usual fly-in goings-on: talking shop, swapping stories/lies, eating and drinking.

Some Sonex owners may be willing to give rides, which is a great opportunity for current and would-be builders to try out the ride!

Many door prizes have been provided by Wicks Aircraft and Sonex Aircraft, so many thanks to them!


For more information contact Mike Smith at mike.smith208@comcast.net



10:00 – 11:00

Arrivals (Event will be at the FBO building)

   - See maps for automobile and aircraft parking



11:30 – 12:00

What’s in Your Travel Tool Kit? (will be on the flight line)

   - Pilots will have their tool kits laid out at their planes or on the flight line

   - What are the important tools to carry? Important spare parts?


11:30 to whenever

Sonex demonstration rides (These are on a pilot-by-pilot request. We are not formally organizing demonstration rides. We would suggest if you really want a demonstration ride, to contact or speak with Mike Smith, who can try to hook you up with someone in your area at everyone's convenience.)



12:00 – 1:00

LUNCH:  The end of lunch will transition directly into the 1:00 presentation.

      ($8 for box lunch provided by The Flight Deck restaurant.)

      (Drinks will be provided for $1.00 by EAA 1314)



1:00 – 2:00

Electrical Wiring (will be in the FBO building right after lunch)

Tom Ritter will exhibit & discuss electrical wiring, connectors and associated tooling based on his experience at Pratt & Whitney, Flight Test Instrumentation group. Envisioned to be a “table top” display with tools and some printed materials for discussion. Will include information about labeling your wiring. Lots of room for questions and answers.



2:00 – 3:00

Sonex Annual Inspections (will be on the flight line)

-  Pilots may share checklists

   -  What to look for? What have you found in the past?



3:30 – 3:50

AeroVee: Changing from a bottom-mounted oil cooler to a top-mounted oil cooler (by Michael Smith).



5:00 or so

Wrap up and go home :-)



Meet at the FBO Building

Keene Municipal Airport (EEN)

80 Airport Road

Keene, NH


     2/20, 6201x100

    14/32, 4001x150


Web site information:






The airport is just a little south of Keene, NH.

  • From Keene (north) take Rt12 south
    • Take a right onto Rt 32 south
    • Take a right onto Airport Road.
    • FBO address is “80 Airport Road, Keene, NH
  • From the south - take Rt 12 north
    • Turn left on Rt 32 south
    • From there, directions are the same as above
Locus Map

Aerial Map

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