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Northeast School Master Schedule 2010 - 2011

Northeast School Master Schedule.doc

Please apply the below notations to the schedule;

- All Students will receive P.E. twice a week.
- All teachers will receive an additional prep per week. While this is not guaranteed, it has been designated to assist with your planning,      common planning and meetings with me.
- K – 2 classes will use Library as one of their planning periods.
- 3 – 5 classes will use Technology as one of their planning periods.
- An elective block schedule has been arranged once a week for students. To achieve this each grade will have the opportunity have a block class for one of their electives. K – 1 classes will have a block (2 consecutive    periods) of Library. 2-4 will have a block of Art. 5 will have a block of Technology. This will allow Related Arts Staff to develop more intense lessons for students. Also, I have asked Carol Jecki to collaborate with these teachers to incorporate Global Studies into this time. For example The Kindergarten could do half library and half Global Studies during their block.
- Carol will also be scheduling classes to come for Global Studies for additional time in the Library. During this extra Global Studies time teachers should stay with their class. This schedule will be sent to all staff so that you may see the availability of the Library for any additional use.
- Reminder that grades 3 – 5 will not have Library in their schedule as a planning Linda Garvey and Carol Jecki will coordinate when grades 3 – 5 are schedule to use the Library. That schedule will be forth coming.
- All efforts have been made to increase the number of times per week that each grade level can meet for a common planning. Every grade has at least 2 common planning periods per week.
- Relief P.E. in the schedule are times that one of our Physical Education teachers will schedule to take some students from your classrooms to provide you with the opportunity to conduct small group instruction. Coach Wilson and Coach Robo will develop this schedule with you.
- Grades K – 2 will be scheduled for Technology by Kristen McCann. These teachers must stay with their class during these times.
- As has been the practice all teachers must work with their students and Carol during Global Studies.
- Period 5 represents K – 2 Lunch. Kindergartens will eat in their rooms.
- Period 6 represents 3 – 5 Lunch.
- All assistants must stay with students during Related Arts (Art, P.E., Library, Technology, Music and Global Studies). Assistants may also be asked to stay for a common planning period with teachers.