Spirit Car: A Journey a Dakota Past by Diane Wilson

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Join the conversation. One Minneapolis One Read is the Minneapolis’ community read for  2012-2013.  Everyone in town is invited to read the same book.   Northeast Reads will join with the broader community and read/discuss this text.!

Below are some excerpts from the website where you can read more!

“Spirit Car: Journey to a Dakota Past,” was written by Minnesotan Diane Wilson. Wilson grew up in a Minneapolis suburb and then followed questions about her family’s past to South Dakota and Nebraska, where she tracked down information about her maternal relatives through five generations. The result of Wilson’s quest for discovery is “Spirit Car,” a book of vignettes she created in her desire to honor the lives of her Dakota Indian family. The story of Wilson’s family begins with a vivid account of the 1862 Dakota War in Minnesota and then follows her family members’ nomadic travels across South Dakota and Nebraska in their struggle to
The City of Minneapolis, Hennepin County Library and Minneapolis Public Schools are promoting literacy and respectful public dialogue in this initiative.  Minneapolis residents can plan a positive role in their communities and explore important - sometimes difficult - issues that they face as a community by reading "Spirit Car" and getting involved.
At its heart, One Minneapolis One Read is a community-driven effort with individuals, neighborhood groups, educators, businesses and nonprofits all coming together to make this a truly citywide read.

The first-ever One Minneapolis One Read took place during 2011 – 2012 and brought a shared experience of reading the same book to folks all over Minneapolis including students at Minneapolis Public Schools, patrons of Hennepin County libraries, and businesses and residents all over the city. The book selected for the first community read, “The Grace of Silence,” was written by NPR host and Minneapolis native Michele Norris. The memoir describes the experience of the Norrises as the first black family on the block in a south Minneapolis neighborhood in the 1960s. Norris and MPR News host Kerri Miller kicked off One Minneapolis One Read last fall with a spectacular discussion at the Guthrie Theater; then a parade of community events offered opportunities for every Minneapolis resident to join in this community conversation around a single book.
People started conversations where they live and work with family, friends, coworkers or neighbors. Minneapolis residents generated a host of their own ideas for how to be a part of One Minneapolis One Read. South High students created a display and chatted by Skype with the author. Word of the community read spread all over the city in a variety of ways from word of mouth, book clubs, events and author visits to posters on city buses, digital billboards, bookmarks and rebroadcast of events.

Good Readers/Good Writers

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Dear Northeast Community,
We know that we have many great writers in our midst.  We invite you to check out our calendar of events to see if there are ways you might like to become involved in a writer's club or a book club in the area.  When we come together to share what we have written or to talk about what we have read, we can enrich our lives and build a stronger community.  Please send events that you wish to add to the community calendar to us at
Every Wednesday, writers gather at Audubon Park as a writing club.  See the calendar for details!  You are welcome to come and join the club!

Northeast Middle School Reading and Writing Clubs

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At Northeast Middle School, the Northeast Reads program will launch at our open house on August 23rd.  Students will sign up for weekly reading and writing clubs.  If adults in the community wish to volunteer with this program, please email  For the safety of all, all volunteers to Minneapolis Public Schools are given a brief training and a background check.  This is done at no cost to the volunteer and is not meant in any way to discourage you from volunteering at our site.  Some of our books this year include the titles seen here!

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