Northeast Oregon Cycling Club

Northeast Oregon Cycling Events

Why You Should Join Our Club

Join us and help us reach our goals:

  1. Increase the number of people bicycling regularly by: conducting and supporting recreational and educational bicycle events and rides and helping all types of people enjoy bicycling.
  2. Encourage safe and enjoyable bicycling by: educating the public on safe bicycling skills and sharing the road and communicate issues of interest to bicyclists.
  3. Advise decision makers on facilities and policies that maintain or improve safe bicycling conditions on roadways and trails.
  4. Promote bicycles as environmentally friendly transportation means.

We are the umbrella group supporting all kinds of bicycling in our region:

  • Recreation: NEOC has general fun rides every 3rd Saturday of the month. We also have members who like to do informal rides of various sorts ranging from mountain biking to long road cycling trips in and around the Grande Ronde Valley.
  • Education: Bicycling safely is a learned skill. The Club is currently looking at how to educate the young cyclist in our community about safe riding skills. We hope to establish a program within the regions schools within the next year that will aid in our mission. 
  • Trails: In partnership with MERA (Mount Emily Recreation Area) the Club helps advocate for development of a complete trail and mountain-bike network along with promoting cycling edicate on trails shared by others.
  • Race Training: Whether it's for the challenges of the Elkhorn Classic, Cycle Oregon, Boise Criterium or just a fun multi-day event, we have the riders to help you achieve your goal. Northeast Oregon has a relatively large and diverse population of cyclist who's skills and knowledge can help even the most novice of us get to the level of conditioning needed. 

Get out and RIDE!!!

  No matter what your skill level, experience past, present or what your future ambitions are, if it is around  cycling, we can help "anyone" gain valuable knowledge, safety skills, experience, excitement, fun and confidence around cycling.

  We do not discriminate and take everyone right where they are today and help them get to where they want to go tomorrow.

  Whether you're a casual rider, mountain biker, road warrior or are training for one of our region's many cycling events, this is a club for you. 

 NEOC (the club) does regular open rides (every 3rd Saturday) along with other cycling events. Use us to connect you to cycling resources beyond the club.