Ferryhill & District Philatelic Society

About the Society

This is a new society which is a welcome trend in an age of declining attendances and societies closing down. The society has a comfortable meeting venue and welcomes all to attend the inaugural meeting to be held on the 14th July 2009. The organiser is asking for your unwanted stamps to form kiloware which will then be used to raise funds for the Children’s Heart Unit Fund at the Freeman Hospital, Newcastle. Please send you unwanted stamps to John (address below) or give them to him at one of the new Ferryhill Society meetings.

Contact Details

For further details, please contact our secretary at 6 Church Lane, Ferryhill, DL17 8LP


Meetings are held in St Luke’s Parish Centre, Church Lane, Ferryhill, DL17 8LT the second Tuesday in each month, September to July inclusive at 7.00pm and finish by 9.00pm



14 September

02 October NEPA Convention, Bowburn, Durham, DH6 5AT

12 October

09 November

14 December


11 January

08 February

08 March

19 March NEPA Convention, Bowburn, Durham, DH6 5AT

09 April

14 April

06 May National Stamp Day

10 May

14 June

These are the dates for potential meetings but, as yet, the PS. does not have a venue nor any speakers booked. Further details, when available, can be obtained from the President Mr Milbourne. Details will be found on the NEPA. Website (www.nepa.me.uk) when they become available.