Middlesbrough Philatelic Society

About the Society

The Society held its first meeting on 14th October 1948 and membership reached 37 in the first season. The Society has had many changes of venue over the years but has met at the Middlesbrough Bowls Club premises on Cornfield Road since 1984.  The Society has hosted NEPA convention on at least five occasions.

Contact Details

For further details, please contact our secretary at 95 Thames Avenue, Guisborough TS14 8AQ or e-mail Middlesbrough Philatelic Society


Meetings are held at Meetings are held at Middlesbrough Scout Headquarters, Tollesby Road, Middlesbrough TS5 5PG on the second and fourth Wednesdays of each month from September to June (Meetings in January, 2020, are third and fifth Wednesdays). Meetings begin at 7.30pm





25 September

Subscriptions and new acqisitions

09 October

Bob Williams – Genetics

23 October

Derek Lilley – His choice

13 November

Keith Smith – NEPA. President

27 November

Postcard Night

16 December




Bring, eat and show

15 January

President’s Night

29 January

Ken Mitchell – Stockton-on-Tees P.H.

03 February

12 February

Visit to Durham PS.

2 member night

26 February

Doug Corbin – Let us Prey

11 March

Letter “C” and/or “D”

25 March

John Church – His choice

04 April

NEPA Convention, Bowburn, Durham DH6 5AT

08 April

Neil Richie, YPA. President – Russia

22 April

My 12 favourite sheets

13 May

Steve Dixon  QEII British Commonwealth

27 May

Martin Snowdon – Fakes, Forgeries and Fantasies WWII Propaganda

10 June

Bill Torbet – British influence on the India post service

24 June

AGM and 1 frame