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The new North East Martial Arts Institute located at 95 Owego Street, Cortland, NY has re-opened.  The school has been updated to include a larger floor to accommodate more students. 

 We teach martial arts to children ages 5 and up.

Martial arts programs are offered in JKD and Close Quarter Combat.

Your child will learn key skills to help improve their study habits, listening skills and concentration in school. Plus, learn the importance of goal setting and perseverance, to achieve results.

The school is owned by World renowned Sifu Edwards.  The instructors that teach at NEMAI are highly qualified in there particular style and abilities.

Jun Fan Gung Fu / JKD

Sifu Edwards  teaches an explosive program that relies on leverage to deflect and redirect external forces.  You will enjoy a dynamic class that specializes in powerful kicks, hand strikes, knees, elbows, standing locks, and ground grappling, which will allow you to have an excellent street self-defense arsenal.

If you are interested in training please contact Sifu Edwards at or 607-423-5849.