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NERA Facsimile Publications


BR North Eastern Region Passenger Locomotive Working

These facsimile publications reproduce the North Eastern Region’s locomotive rosters for scheduled passenger services for the immediate post-nationalisation period. The Booklets were issued for each district covering local workings – East Coast main line workings are covered by a separate publication. Each booklet was arranged on a shed-by-shed basis with an indication of the locomotive class that would normally be allocated for the duty and the working hours of the enginemen. The work done by the engines and men at any one of these depots was divided up into series of ‘diagrams’. Some of these engine diagrams required working a number of services during the day often requiring a crew change-over. Other diagrams, based on a set of men, required the use of more than one locomotive, sometimes from another region, in order to work an engine back towards its home region. Also contained are main line stand-by pilots strategically placed to takeover when failures occurred. Also covered are passenger shunting duties required at major stations to perform changes in the make-up of passenger coaching stock sets and move the vans carrying the considerable parcels traffic making up either complete trains or by attaching them to scheduled passenger workings as 'tail traffic'.

The following books have been produced so far:

Main Line, 11th Sept 1961 – 17th June 1962       

This book covers the Region’s East Coast Main Line passenger workings to and from London, Edinburgh, York, Leeds, Doncaster Grantham, Peterborough, and also the inter-regional and express workings within the region. Eastern and Scottish Region duties into the NE Region territory are also listed.

Price at Meetings: £5.50, Price by Post: £6.95.

York & Hull Districts, 17th June - 8th Sept 1963

Includes local passenger steam, diesel & DMU workings from York, Dairycoates and Botanic Gardens depots together with all outlying signing-on points.

Price at Meetings: £3.50, Price by Post: £4.50.

Main Line, 30th June to 14th September 1952

covering the Region’s East Coast Main Line passenger workings to and from Edinburgh, York, Leeds, Doncaster Grantham, Peterborough, and also the inter-regional and express workings within the region. Eastern and Scottish Region duties that take their engines across into North Eastern Region territory are also listed.

Price at Meetings: £3.50, Price by Post: £4.50

York and Hull Districts, 23rd May to 25th September 1949

including local passenger workings from the larger sheds at York, Botanic Gardens and Selby, the East Coast resorts of Bridlington, Scarborough and Whitby to the small sheds at Ilkley, Starbeck, Malton, Pickering and Pateley Bridge.

Price at Meetings: £3.50, Price by Post: £4.50

Darlington, Newcastle & Sunderland Districts, 31st May to 26th September 1948

covering local passenger workings from the banks of the Tees up to the Scottish borders inclusive of lines across the Pennines. Also included are Scottish Region duties that take their engines across into North Eastern Region territory.

Price at Meetings: £4.50, Price by Post: £5.75


LNER (NE Area) Working of Coast Line (Scarborough - Middlesbrough), 1934

What do you do when challenged by burgeoning passenger traffic caused by increases in holiday allowance on industrial Teesside and more competitive fares resulting in heavier trains that fail to keep to time because the engine power is overwhelmed and infrastructure restricts the length and number of trains allowed on the route? This is the situation faced by the North East Area of the LNER in the early 1930s on the steeply graded mostly single-track Middlesbrough – Whitby – Scarborough branch. The committee set up to investigate examined all the issues and their report reproduced in facsimile sets out the practical and more costly long term solutions including timetables, alterations to engine working arrangements and plans of the suggested station alterations.

Price at Meetings: £4.50, Price by Post: £5.75.

NER Mineral Statistics, 1854 - 1913

This publication charts the rise in mining and quarrying during the nineteenth century and the part played by the North Eastern Railway in the carriage of that traffic, from the amalgamation of 1854. Issued in 1905 and updated to 1913, these statistics were compiled for use by the company’s officers. The requirement for coal in power generation and for other raw materials used in the manufacturing industry gave rise to the rapid development of the railway system as the best means of bulk transport. The abundance of coal near to the coast and rivers in the north east also encouraged exports to Europe and elsewhere, plus coastwise shipment, in very large quantities. These statistics show the enormous increase in shipments causing additional facilities to be built at Tyne Dock, Dunston, Blyth and elsewhere. As well as overall output, figures are given for each category of coal & coke conveyed over the NER, totals and value shipped at each port or staith, totals destined for use in the Furness & West Cumberland districts. Comparative figures are also given on a county by county basis and the totals conveyed to London by all means. The output of other minerals such as barites, chalk, ironstone, limestone, lead ore, salt and sandstone is given for each of the northern counties.

Price at Meetings: £3.50 each, Price by Post: £4.50 each

A brief résumé of some of our other facsimile publications.

Diagram Books

LNER List and Diagrams of Specially Constructed Wagons, 1926 – 1948

The NER passed a fine and varied array of wagon designs to the LNER in 1923 including many that were specially built to carry large or weighty loads to and from the many heavy engineering manufacturers and ship builders that had been established in the Newcastle, Sunderland, Darlington, Hartlepool and Middlesbrough districts. This LNER publication, issued in 1926, lists and illustrates the special wagons built for all of the LNER constituent companies including those that served the other manufacturing centres such as Glasgow, Sheffield, Manchester and more rural areas. Wagons types include Implement& Machinery, Flat & Boiler, Gunpowder, Glass & Pulley, and the numerous types of 4-wheel and bogie Trolley wagon. New wagon designs introduced from 1926 up to and including World War Two are also incorporated.

Price at Meetings: £6.95, Price by Post: £8.50.

LNER Engine Diagrams (LNER and ex-NER classes)

This two volume set of LNER diagrams covers tender and tank engine classes introduced or rebuilt by Gresley, Thompson and Peppercorn. Also included are diagrams issued to cover ex-NER classes. Besides covering the well known classes the diagrams cover many of the variations in boiler and tender design to be found on LNER and NER classes. Rarities such as the P2 (in both forms), B17 streamliner, the C9 (in booster and non-booster form), D20/2, U1 Garratt, and W1 (as Hush-Hush and as rebuilt) are also included. The diagrams comprise a side and end elevation with leading dimensions and weights annotated together with a table giving leading particulars for the grate, firebox, boiler, tubes, axles, springs, cylinders, motion and power.

Price at Meetings: £10.95, Price by Post: £12.95.

N.E.R. ENGINE DIAGRAMS (Fletcher, McDonnell & Worsdell classes)

This publication covers all of the engine diagrams known to exist from the Fletcher, McDonnell and Worsdell periods – many of the earlier diagrams have never been reproduced in book form before. These early diagrams cover most of Edward Fletcher’s designs (from class 11 2-4-0 through to class 1480 0-6-0) plus two Londonderry Railway and two Blyth & Tyne Railway designs. Some classes have two diagrams to illustrate differences. This new edition has replaced an earlier reproduction resulting in the book almost doubling in size to 86 pages.

Price at Meetings: £5.50, Price by Post: £6.95


Our two publications featuring the diagrams of the East Coast Joint Stock, issued in 1909, and the Descriptive List, issued in 1912, have been combined to form one complementary volume. The opportunity has also been taken to recopy the carriage diagrams to a much higher standard than before and to introduce some of those diagrams missing from the original edition.

Price at Meetings: £6.50, Price by Post: £7.95


Precursor to more commonly known 1904 book we are pleased to be able to offer the first North Eastern Railway book of wagon diagrams kindly made available by one of our members (only four copies of the original 1891 book are known to still exist). Some 54 designs are portrayed some of which show earlier and different versions of the same nominal designs featured in the 1904 publication.

Price at Meetings: £2.50, Price by Post: £3.00


This publication gives diagrams, running numbers, and allocations for all North Eastern Railway Specially Constructed Wagons. It is based on an original book distributed to stations and goods yards in 1907 updated by the periodic issue of circulars showing the later designs, many of which are also included.

Price at Meetings: £3.50, Price by Post: £4.50


A 94 page facsimile reproduction of the 1926 book of permanent way track standards using 95lb B.S. rail. This book of scale detailed plans and drawings show full timbering and chair details for turnouts, crossings, switches and slips as well as drawings of individual components which made the point-work of the period. Details of check-rails, stretcher-bars, chairing for Waybeams are also included.

Price at Meetings: £5.95, Price by Post: £7.50


The first of two volumes Locomotive Shed Diagrams portrays the engine shed layout for all locations approximating to the NER Southern and Central Division from Selby to Darlington and Hull to Kirkby Stephen. These detailed plans, drawn between 1928 & 1930, show the track layout together with all buildings and offices plus servicing facilities. These diagrams are reproduced from a rare publication held in the NERA library.

Price at Meetings: £4.50, Price by Post: £ 5.75


The second volume of Locomotive Shed Diagrams portrays the engine shed layouts for all locations, from West Hartlepool to Wearhead in the south, to the Scottish border at Tweedmouth and Sprouston, plus those ex NB engine sheds taken into the NE Area after 1923. These detailed plans, drawn between 1928 and 1935, show the track layout together with all buildings and offices plus servicing facilities such as turntables, water columns, coal stacks and ash pits.

Price at Meetings: £3.50, Price by Post: £4.50

Carriage Rosters

BR North Eastern Operating Area Carriage Working, June 14th to September 19th 1954

This facsimile publication is a reproduction of the North Eastern Region’s carriage working book compiled to show the formation and working of coaching stock within the NER and to other regions, excluding East Coast trains. Carriages were mostly formed into ‘set’ formations, which would routinely work a number of trains over one or more days before going onto the work the same roster again or take up another duty. Parcel vans, milk vans/tanks, newspaper vans and loco material vans were also attached to set formations on slower passenger services whilst complete parcels trains were also run within the North-East area and between regions.

Price at Meetings: £4.50, Price by Post: £ 5.75

BR East Coast Carriage Workings, June – September 1950

This 96 page facsimile reprint is the last carriage roster for East Coast services before the introduction of BR’s own standard Mark 1 coach designs to principal ECML trains. As such it details formations and workings of the new Thompson stock on the ‘Capitals Limited’ and ‘Flying Scotsman’; Pullman cars on the ‘Queen of Scots’ and Tees-Tyne’; pre-war streamline stock and triplet dining cars.

Price at Meetings: £5.95, Price by Post: £7.50

LNER (NE Area) Carriage Roster, July – Sept 1932

A comprehensive listing of the formations of timetabled local and inter-regional passenger trains in the North-east including parcel and milk van workings. A breakdown of coach codes is included enabling identification of the types of vehicles in use down to the number of compartments. LMS, GWR & SR vehicles running in inter-regional formations are noted. This 224 page facsimile publication has been slightly reduced in size to facilitate economic reproduction.

Price at Meetings: £6.50, Price by Post: £7.95

LNER East Coast Carriage Workings, July 1932

This 82 page publication presents the carriage formations on the East Coast Main Line, working from London Kings Cross through the north-east to Edinburgh and Scotland including the famous Flying Scotsman and other named trains including Pullman workings. Thus it complements the LNER (NE Area) Carriage Roster thus enabling a complete view of carriage workings in the North-East to be given. As the East Coast book provides reference to the carriage number the opportunity has been taken to cross refer this to the carriage diagram and provide a list of the vehicles built to these diagrams for ECML services by the LNER up to 1932.

Price at Meetings: £4.50, Price by Post: £5.75

Timetables and Operating Publications

NER Passenger Timetable, October 1912 - March 1913

This is a facsimile reprint of the North Eastern Railway's public timetable at a time when services were at their zenith before World War One. 166 pages long this timetable details all passenger services (NER, ECJS and other companies trains running over the NER), through coaches and sleeping cars. Steam autocars and NER motor bus services are also included.

Price at Meetings: £7.95, Price by Post: £9.95

NER Working Timetable, January 1861

This early Working Timetable provides an interesting contrast to the more complex 1898 edition when traffic was barely established compared to what it was 37 years later. At this stage the S.& D.R. and the Newcastle & Carlisle were still independent concerns and hence are not included. There are many differences to later arrangements noticeable in this WTT such as the service prior to the opening of Harrogate Central station (opened in 1862) and the routing of traffic into Leeds Hunslet Lane/ Wellington Street via Methley/Milford Jcts. from the York and Hull directions

Price at Meetings: £2.50, Price by Post: £3.00

LNER (NE Area) Newcastle District Mineral Train Timetable, November 1927

This 63 page facsimile reproduces the rostered duties for engines working mineral trains on the lines in the Newcastle District. Perusal of the working timetables will often lead one to question how and when the vast coal traffic was handled in the North East. This publication goes some way towards giving a timetable for coal trains though traffic demands would dictate which trains ran on a day to day basis. This timetable gives such workings on lines out as far as Haltwhistle, Alnmouth and Blackhill but also includes workings in the Percy Main, Blyth and Ashington areas.

Price at Meetings: £3.95, Price by Post: £4.95

BR North Eastern Operating Area, Working of Local Freight Trains and Authorised Pilot & Shunting Engines, Darlington District, from 8th June 1953

Whilst the working timetable set out the goods workings between major traffic centres and branch goods trains, the Local Freight Trains book set out the regular mineral and ‘trip’ workings between the marshalling yards and collieries & works sidings. These provided major industries with the flow of raw materials and cleared wagons loaded with finished goods or empties on a regular basis. Apart from mineral trains and return empties from collieries and quarries to the staiths or works most of the traffic presented to the railways called for sorting to be carried out in marshalling yards. Numerous shunting engines carried this out.

Price at Meetings: £4.50, Price by Post: £ 5.75

N.E.R. Passenger Engine Roster, 1908

This 99 page facsimile reproduces the rostered duties for engines working passenger trains in the summer of 1908. Main line duties on the ECML are summarised before each engine shed’s rostered duties are detailed split into the Southern and Northern Divisions. The roster for each branch shed (for example Alston, Wearhead and Masham) is included as well as the many duties at larger sheds.

Price at Meetings: £5.95, Price by Post: £7.50

NER Appendix to the Working Timetable, March 1st 1874

This reproduction of a very early North Eastern Railway Appendix to the Working Timetable is one of a number for the years 1873 to 1875 which are housed at the Ken Hoole Study Centre within Darlington North Road Station Museum. The date, March 1st 1874, was chosen as this was the first time that the ex-Stockton & Darlington section or operating area had been included. This makes the work even more useful as it is the first complete list of NER Signal Boxes to survive. Also included are engine headcodes, breakdown train van locations, whistle codes, block telegraph instructions and the first local instructions for swingbridge working.

Price at Meetings: £3.50, Price by Post: £4.50

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