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Notes on information that can be obtained





Passenger Timetable (PTT)

Covers all regular scheduled passenger services, usually includes through carriages from/to other railways and dining car workings


Oct 1912 – March 1913 – Reproduced as facsimile copy



NERA Publication

Working Timetable (WTT)

Incorporates all regular passenger and goods workings



Various dates have been produced as facsimile copies

Note: mineral duties were worked on a ‘as required’ basis governed by local control offices so few paper timetables exist however a 1927 Mineral Train Timetable for the Newcastle District has been reproduced.



NERA Publication

NERA Publication

Pilot and Shunting Engine Working

Issued for major centres – lists regular pilot and shunting duties



Engine Working Rosters

Lists engine workings on a shed by shed basis and the duties performed by the engine and crew. Separate booklets were issued for passenger and goods rosters. 1900 – 39

TNA (for 1900-39)


KHSC (odd copies)

Carriage Rosters

Lists the formations of all timetabled passenger and parcels services.

(LNER & BR issues split into East Coast and NE area books)


Various dates have been produced as facsimile copies




NERA Publication

Special Traffic Notices (STN)

Lists all extra trains to normal timetable (i.e. excursions) and additional carriages on timetabled services


Station Working Books

Issued for major stations and applies to passenger train workings – lists trains calling and which platform was used


York, Summer 1953

KHSC (for 1939 issues)


NERA Publication

Rule Books

Rules to be followed by railway staff. Issued c1840 onwards



Appendix to WTT

Lists general and local operating procedures and restrictions, c1873 – 1979

Local operating procedures were separated and reproduced as a book after c1922. The LNER called these general and sectional appendices and recombined them as a single book in the 1931 and 1947 editions. Supplements to the Appendix were also issued to capture alterations.


1874 (1st time ex S&DR lines were included)







NERA Publication

Operating Instructions

Details local operating practices at level crossings, ground frames and signal boxes, c1900-50.

NERA Library

Road Van Book

Details workings of Road Vans in Pick-up goods trains


Loads of Engines

Gives tables of loads allowed to be taken by classes of engine over each line. Passenger and freight booklets







Abbreviations: KHSC - Ken Hoole Study Centre, Darlington ; TNA (The National Archives), Kew, CRO – County Record Offices; HLRO – House of Lords Records Office; NRM – National Railway Museum; HMRS – Historical Model Railway Society; SRS – Signalling Record Society