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Researching Family History


The Association is often asked if there is any information known about a family member, who was in the employ of the former North Eastern Railway, its predecessor and/or successor companies. The following information may help you locate some resources which could help you with your quest...

The Ken Hoole Study Centre at North Road Railway Museum has the records of the North Eastern Railway Servants' Pension Society

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The Society was a Registered Friendly Society established on 1st January 1907, pursuant to the North astern Railway Act 1905 to provide pensions on retirement from work. Following the substantial improvement to Railway pensions in the 1970's the Society was closed to new members in 1977.

The record cards for the Society are housed in the Railway Museum along with other books and papers from the Society. The information usually obtained from these cards is dates of birth and death; entered the service; joined the society; type of work; place of work; pension number. From this number sometimes the application form can be seen and the place of birth and a signature obtained.

As well as these records and also useful for family history, there is the North Eastern Railway Register of Enginemen and Firemen. This is a list of the enginemen who were based at the various engine sheds of the North Eastern Railway and gives a history of their achievements whilst they were working. Unfortunately some of their records are incomplete.

The Study Centre has the following lists avaialable

  • A number of listings of NER Station masters has been made availabe as excel spreadsheets, based on information gleaned from the N.E.R., L.N.E.R. and British Railways Magazines
  • The Enginemen and Firemen Registers are part of the John Mallon Collection. The registers are organised by area. One catalogue is organised by name and the other by area. Please note this is not a complete list of all the information held in the Enginemen and Firemen Registers.
  • The North Eastern Railway Pension Society was established in 1907 and the Study Centre holds index cards for N.E.R. staff who joined the society. Please note this is not a complete list of all the information held in pension records.

The material in these collections can be consulted in the Study Centre at:

Head of Steam
North Road Station
Tel. 01325 460 532